• GreenShroom

    Ghost Sim

    January 3, 2011 by GreenShroom

    My sim had the Oh My Ghost! opportunity.

    Coincidentally, I got a call a few days later that Ethan Bunch died from hunger.

    He's in my active household now.

    Did I mention that he and VJ Alvi were engaged? I was surprised. I always thought that sims, if left alone, would always be in a relationship with the opposite gender. When VJ became a young adult, I made my sim ask his sign and if he was single. I think they'll be.. well, they still have a lot more days before turning into adults. Too bad Ethan died. I don't think I'd get them back together. They won't have children. Maybe I'll make Ethan tell VJ that he just wants to be friends.. I mean, it's kinda weird. Ex-boyfriend. And VJ's supposed to, well, not supposed to but, according to his page…

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