• GuusHiddink

    I'm sorry I haven't done this earlier but now I have a better idea for my first EP idea. Welcome to


    The neighbourhood will be an island with beauty.

    The geography will include




    The name of this island will be Dolphin Bay

    New lot types include


    Amusement Park



    Fishing rabbithole

    Shop (This includes Fish shop, Butcher, Pastry shop and Clothes shop)

    In CAS you can choose five outfit for each types ie Everyday, Formal. This happens every birthday so you are not in some weird outfit. If you want a new one you can go to the clothes shop and buy some.

    New careers

    Shop assistant

    Expansions on the Fishing profession ie fishing in a boat with a crew.

    You can travel between worlds by boat eg Twinbrook to Dolphin Bay, Dolphin B…

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  • GuusHiddink

    My second idea is:

    This is an update on The Sims 2: University. I thought that game was a little bit empty as it only allowed university.

    New Neighbourhood Possibilties:


    Ideas for university names include:

    Simvard University (If you don't know this one I will be surprised.)

    Smith Academy (This is NOT named after the Smith family in Strangetown.)

    Alto College (This IS named after the Alto's in Sunset Valley)

    If you have ideas for names of universities comment

    The thing that annoyed me with The Sims 2: University, was that if you failed or got expelled from University, that's it for learning. Not anymore. One of the new lot types will be an ADULT COMMUNITY COLLEGE. This is another way if you don't get the diploma you wanted.

    New Job Possibil…

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  • GuusHiddink

    This is a question everyone wants to know the answer to.

    My three suggestions are:

    This is my first suggestion because I believe The Sims Series should have boats.

    New Neighbourhood Possible Names:


    Port Dinghy


    The idea of this neighbourhood is to make a suitable location for what I want.

    New Jobs Possibilities:

    Fisherman - Skills: Fishing, Handiness

    Scuba Diver - Skills: Athletic

    Life Guard - Skills: Athletic, Surfing

    New Skills Possibilities:



    New Traits Possibilities:


    Your Sim is the peak of cool. They can't put a foot wrong.

    Water Lover

    Your Sim love water. They have to swim all the time, they love surfing. They even have to live near the ocean.


    Sims with this trait are almost certainly going to go wel…

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