My second idea is:

The Sims 3: Education

This is an update on The Sims 2: University. I thought that game was a little bit empty as it only allowed university.

New Neighbourhood Possibilties:


Ideas for university names include:

Simvard University (If you don't know this one I will be surprised.)

Smith Academy (This is NOT named after the Smith family in Strangetown.)

Alto College (This IS named after the Alto's in Sunset Valley)

If you have ideas for names of universities comment

The thing that annoyed me with The Sims 2: University, was that if you failed or got expelled from University, that's it for learning. Not anymore. One of the new lot types will be an ADULT COMMUNITY COLLEGE. This is another way if you don't get the diploma you wanted.

New Job Possibilities:

This is hard because in Ambitions they brought in the Education career. But I have had an idea. Once you are promoted up from high school teacher, you have a few new options

Adult Community College teacher (that will convert your workplace to the community college. This is the only way your sim can teach at the community college. Only NPC's will teach there.)

Maths Teacher (Logic skill)

Athletic Teacher (Athletic skill)

Music Teacher (Any instrument skill)

Technology Teacher (Logic and Handiness skill)

Language teacher (See New Skills Possibilities)

Simlish Teacher (Charisma and Writing skill)

If you choose any of these options, you cannot get any higher. Instead you just get raises. But just like any other job, if you don't perform, you can get demoted.

New Skill Possibilities:

I wished in the World Adventures EP you could learn a different type of Simlish i.e. French Simlish, Chinese Simlish and Arabic Simlish. But no they didn't.

My skill possibilities include:





Do you reckon the other bits are good. I reckon this is the best.

Teenage Boarding Schools

I think this idea is good because I actually go to a boarding school. Going to a boarding school will make your sims grades better and make them get an automatic scholarship to University, but it will come at a cost. As a teen is a teen for 14 days of a Normal life, boarding will cost about 700 simoleons a day. You can enrol your child sim in primary school and hope he or she gets in. If they don't, they are automatically put in the town's public high school. That brings me to my next idea. Splitting the high schools in two because it seems more sensible.

New Trait Possibilities:


They will get opportunities in life, but they can't be bothered to do it.


There life is about learner. They have to know the world's secrets.

New Lot Type Possibilities:

Adult Community College

High School

Primary School

Boarding School

128x128 lot (To make a boarding school a decent size.)

Give me ideas on how I could improve it and if you like it.