I'm sorry I haven't done this earlier but now I have a better idea for my first EP idea. Welcome to

The Sims 3: Seaside

The neighbourhood will be an island with beauty.

The geography will include




The name of this island will be Dolphin Bay

New lot types include


Amusement Park



Fishing rabbithole

Shop (This includes Fish shop, Butcher, Pastry shop and Clothes shop)

In CAS you can choose five outfit for each types ie Everyday, Formal. This happens every birthday so you are not in some weird outfit. If you want a new one you can go to the clothes shop and buy some.

New careers

Shop assistant

Expansions on the Fishing profession ie fishing in a boat with a crew.

You can travel between worlds by boat eg Twinbrook to Dolphin Bay, Dolphin Bay to Sunset Valley.

New traits

Unbalanced - You aren't very good when travelling

- You get the seasick or carsick moodlet a lot easier than other sims

- You will occassionally fall over randomly

Tough - You can survive anything nature throws at you

These are two examples of traits.

Due to the fisherman career expansion, weather will be introduced. There is a slight chance you will drown when fishing on a normal sunny day but there is a good chance you will drown fishing during a thunderstorm. When you go to the fishing rabbithole, you can choose to fish on the beach.

That is a brief introduction to my idea. Please leave comments on how I can improve the idea.