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    Fanon: The Trust Fund

    November 25, 2011 by HAWTgeek

    The Sims Involved:

    Our three sims were raised in a different world than us. Let's start with Sarah.

    Sarah Fairchild is the second child to John and Maria Fairchild. John was an actor who retired in Sunset Valley with a model, Maria. They had two children, Marisol and Sarah. Sarah and Marisol were brought up with a statement that summed up their lives "Baby Girls become Pretty Children. Pretty Children become Attractive Teenagers. Attractive Teenagers become Beautiful Women. Beautiful Women become Models. Models become wives of CEO's. And Wives become Mothers" Marisol was fine with that. She graduated high school and became a Victoria's Secret model. Sarah graduated and didnt want to become a model, like the rest of her family. She talked her…

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