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Fanon: The Trust Fund

HAWTgeek November 25, 2011 User blog:HAWTgeek

The Trust Fund

The Sims Involved:

Our three sims were raised in a different world than us. Let's start with Sarah.

Sarah Fairchild is the second child to John and Maria Fairchild. John was an actor who retired in Sunset Valley with a model, Maria. They had two children, Marisol and Sarah. Sarah and Marisol were brought up with a statement that summed up their lives "Baby Girls become Pretty Children. Pretty Children become Attractive Teenagers. Attractive Teenagers become Beautiful Women. Beautiful Women become Models. Models become wives of CEO's. And Wives become Mothers" Marisol was fine with that. She graduated high school and became a Victoria's Secret model. Sarah graduated and didnt want to become a model, like the rest of her family. She talked her parents into her going to college, and they thought she was just going for a MRS. Degree. There she met her best friend, Leo. He's the kind of guy who her parents would die if they thought she was dating, not that she is. Now, school is over, and she's single. Sarah doesnt have much time until her mother steps in and she is forced away from her dream...

Leo Memphis is the son of a director who grew up with his mom after the messy divorce. His dad sends him money all the time as if money would fix the many years he ignored him. Leo wants to become a lawyer, but his dad would cut him off if he found out. Since he's helping pay for the rent of his penthouse that he shares with his best friend and girlfriend, Leo is keeping becoming a lawyer a secret, but not all secrets stay hidden...

Miranda Bloodheart is the heiress to a shampoo company. She doesnt care about the company, and it is supposed to be left to her brother, which is perfectly fine with her. Though all of her family is attractive, Miranda wasnt. So, she spend about a million on plastic surgery to change that. Miranda is an airhead who went to college to find a husband, and her best canidate broke up with her during senior year. She's dating Leo until she can "find something better" she says behind his back. Miranda would be happy to spend the rest of her days in a paid for penthouse, living comfortably off her trust fund, but her father states that she is to find a possible job or she's cut off. How will Miranda cope considering she had planned to mooch off Daddy until he died and mooch off a rich husband afterwards?

None of them have long untilt their comfortable life is shattered, and they need to find something that could change that. Quick...

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