1. More stages of life.  

The first stage of life  should be newborn.1 day - 6 months. The newborns should really do nothing apart from cry and have the basic needs  

The second stage of life  should be baby. 6 months - 12 months. the baby should be able to giggle and move freely (not walk). the babies should also be able to have changes of clothes and pacifiers/dummies. Be able to lie on stomach and attempt to crawl.  

The third stage of life  should be toddler as it already is. 12 months - 3 years. I think the toddler stage of life is very good as it is. They learn to walk, talk, use the potty. They should interact with sims of the same age.  


The fourth stage of life  should be pre-schoolers. 3 years - 5 years. They should be able to learn to swim, read and be able to run around. In the sim town there should be a pre-school if people want to send Children there during the day. The pre-schoolers should play on the playground but have difficulty climbing etc. they should learn nursery rhymes. They should have play-dates too. They should have temper tantrums, and be able to communicate with sims of the same age.  

The fifth stage of life  should be Child. 5 years- 8 years. They should start Primary school and make friends. They should also be able to get into trouble and create mischief. At this stage they should have mini pianos, violins and other instruments they can learn. They should be able to bake for bake sales or play for the soccer team at school.  

The sixth stage of life  should be Tween. 9 years - 12 years. They should be able to get pretend married and be able to get better at instrument playing. they should learn how to ride a bike. It should just have all of the basic things as well. They should be more rebellious too.  

The seventh stage of life  should be teen. 13 years - 15 years. They should be able to have boyfriends and girlfriends. They should be able to skip their curfew. Teens should now be able to get the top skill of instruments and go on school trips or on trips with friends (on world adventures or as an unseen extra opportunity). And other normal stuff. 

The eighth stage of life  is Older teen(?). 16 years - 18 years. they should go to Sixth forms or upper schools and study for exams be able to have serious relationships and go out at night. They should be able to drink and learn to drive.  

The ninth stage of life  is Young Adult. 19 years - 24 years. They should go to university and maybe get married and pregnant. They should be able to own their own house or apartments. They should be able have full time or part-time jobs.  

The tenth stage of life  is Young Adult (Stage 2).25 - 30 years. Here they graduate college and settle down or party even more. they able to start a real life and get a job. Climb to the top of corporate lader or be a homeless person.  

The eleventh age of life is Adult. 30 years - 40 years. They should by now have a steady job and family.  

The  twelfth stage of life  Older-Adult. 40 years - 50 years. Some sims should retire and maybe move in with children, go to a retirement home or live at home, happily. they may get visits from relatives and go on holiday! They can still work if they wish.  

The thirteenth stage of life  Elder. 60 years - dead They should have retired by nowThey can move to different country if they want to and do other normal stuff.