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  • Helloforgoodbyes


    May 18, 2014 by Helloforgoodbyes

    I can't believe someone just like...delete some of my updating!!! i mean its not the person who update it.Its someone who likes uhh..DELETE IT!!! 

    Someone help me!!!

    My luck changes at having sims 2 again :'(

    but at least i play SIMS 4

    -Goodbye Sims 2!

    1. TheStoryOfMyLife
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  • Helloforgoodbyes

    UGH my school is so neutral! LOL (living ordinary life)

    it has a lot of day offs but it doesnt turn me On to have a bad exam schedule!

    OH and by the way i think sims 2 is the best from three of them

    i only have sims freeplay right now but im a POOR PLAYER

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  • Helloforgoodbyes

    So Excited

    May 10, 2014 by Helloforgoodbyes

    Im so excited to play sims 2 (again) this June! i have GOOD memories for playing sims 2........

    Otherwise,Im still New at creating Sims Wiki thingys i cant create a fanon add a message to anyone (CANNOT) so i might get this from somewhere ... SORRY FOR MY CREATINGS IM STILL A NEWBIE AT THIS and im a crap at making those i dont know how to add that thing like Example

    Bianca Monty                                                                                            The right picture,the gender,the parents,siblings,status ANYTHING not even a simple dot. so i hope anyone can help me it'll be very thankful. :)

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