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    Sims 2 Beta

    August 7, 2011 by HeronX232

    Hi Everyone I'm here today to show my finding on The Beta version of The Sims 2

    • Orginally Weather was planned for the game
    • Various Scenarios would have been planned as a Dead boss Scenario presumeably you would be able to interact with work like in Sims 3

    and invite your boss to dinner to boost your relationship and the Boss would have died. Having to find out who did it. Similar to Clue. In addition to a dead boss scenario there was orignally a Power outage scenario where the Electricity would be out for 7 Sim Hours and you would have to keep the family entertained.

    • There were 3 cut Aspirations Power, Craft and Fame. Power appears to be a mix of Popularity and Wealth Using Wants and Fears

    from the other Aspirations. Power can be accsesed throu…

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