Hi Everyone I'm here today to show my finding on The Beta version of The Sims 2

  • Orginally Weather was planned for the game
  • Various Scenarios would have been planned as a Dead boss Scenario presumeably you would be able to interact with work like in Sims 3

and invite your boss to dinner to boost your relationship and the Boss would have died. Having to find out who did it. Similar to Clue. In addition to a dead boss scenario there was orignally a Power outage scenario where the Electricity would be out for 7 Sim Hours and you would have to keep the family entertained.

  • There were 3 cut Aspirations Power, Craft and Fame. Power appears to be a mix of Popularity and Wealth Using Wants and Fears

from the other Aspirations. Power can be accsesed through cheats. Craft only Exists in the Games files and is reused in the console version of Sims 2 as Creativity. Fame doesn't exist in the Game and never made it past the Planning stages and only seen in an early Sims 2 Trailer. Fame was scrapped for Popularity.

  • Originally there were more outfits to be included in the basegame such as a different Maid outfit resembling the Outfit From The Sims

and various Hairstyles.

  • It seems that Accessories were planned possibly similar to the Accessories system in Sims 3 such as Plumbob Earings.
  • The interface was also different resembling the Interface from the first game.

Note this is Subject to change