This post this correctly titled My Apologies,

I'm sorry, I haven't published chapters and have neglected my readers. I find it completely unacceptable and there is no excuse for it.

I want to promptly give you guys a reason as compensation.

In this past month I've started new college courses and have hardly had any free-time, this particular class is in the Health Field. I also have been busy confronting my feelings for another human-being (which is a very big deal for me) without ruining friendships and making enemies. As we speak drama is being arisen because I had to open my big mouth. I'm now quite certain my biggest fear has become a reality. I have also been going through a rough patch mentally. I used to be confident in myself and I have always had this devil-may-care attitude. But now, I have come to the realization that my dreams are being ruined by this attitude. As a sufferer of depression I find it hard to seek out happiness and when I do my attempts are futile. I've been frustrated with myself and my current identity. All i'm sure of is that I want to write. That's good right? All I know is that I will finish my current story here on the Wiki but, I don't know if I will continue stories in the future. All I know is I am very dedicated to this story and it is my top priority as of right now.