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Hirola July 19, 2014 User blog:Hirola

Hi. Something about me.. I am from Latvia. Its a little state in Europe. My name is Ance L. and im 13 years old.

My dad restart my computer and i needed upload The Sims 3 again. Then in [link removed] i saw The Sims 3 Complete. WITH ALL EP AND STUFF PACKS! Then I say - I need that! - And now its downloading 0.4%/0.5% in h. That s#cks. But its okey, right?

I have The Sims 3 notebook that i made. There i write about The Sims 3 familys, worlds, codes and so on. If you whant see something what is in my notebook, then tell me. :) ( I know that you dont whant :D )

That is it for today!

Have a great day, bye! :)

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