So I decided to make a list of all the expansion packs I have and rank them from worst to best. I have all EPs except House Party for Sims 1. Without further ado, here I go!

The Sims (original)

6. The Sims: Livin' Large (aka "Livin' it Up")

I need to give this one some credit for being the first expansion for The Sims, ever. So I can see why it's lacking: they didn't know there would be so many expansions and that later ones would be so content-heavy. It added lots of cool things (like aliens, Santa, and the Grim Reaper), but not enough. You still couldn't leave your house and all of the content you could live without. Some expansions you really can't.

Rate: 5/10

5. The Sims Vacation (aka "On Holiday")

Vacations are quite common in real life, but The Sims isn't exactly like real life. In every vacation EP it's always felt more like a burden to go on vacation and after the first day I'm bored. In Bon Voyage I could always go on a tour or something and waste my day on that. In World Adventures you can always socialize with the locals and then get pregnant with them (that's literally all I did on vacation in TS3). TS4 Outdoor Retreat I don't have. But in Sims Vacation, there is nothing. I don't even think you can leave the lot. Socializing with the townies is pointless since they're really glitchy so there's really nothing to do, but I guess camping is fun. It's above Livin' Large since it's still a break from normal gameplay.

Rate: 5/10

4. The Sims Hot Date

You can finally leave your house! This pack is iconic for that feature. The Downtown is lovely. I enjoy Hot Date. I don't love it, I enjoy it. My complaints are that children can't go downtown, and you have to have a date to go downtown. The restaurants run slow as well. Other than that, it's a great game.

Rate: 7/10

3. The Sims Unleashed

Pets! Great for animal people, like me. But not just pets, a wonderful world for all sims to explore, gardening, new families and houses, new items, lots of cool things! Nothing bad about this expansion really, it's just the next two packs on this list have more stuff than this one.

Rate: 9/10

2. The Sims Makin' Magic

Magic! I love fantasy and... idk how to describe this, but I guess, upbeat, lighthearded things with creepy and dark undertones?? Like Melanie Martinez could be a good example of this? Magic Town had a pastel-based aesthetic with its carnivals and magic shows, but there was the dark, twisted spells and gothic mansions. It was amazing! DEFINITELY iconic for The Sims series!

Rate: 9/10

1: The Sims Superstar

The Sims Superstar, aka my fav expansion pack for any Sims game! Ahhhh it's so awesome and challenging! It was so hard to be famous and I felt so proud when I hit 5 stars (aka ONCE haha) but honestly I LOVE this expansion and its celebrtity additions (super great for when I went through my Avril Lavigne phase lmao) but honestly... loved this pack so much. I spent so much time in Studio Town, probably more time than I spent in my actual main town lmao.

Rate: 10/10

The Sims 2

8. The Sims 2 Pets

I know I said previously that I love pets. I do. I like all TS2 expansions tbh, but the worst has gotta be pets. It's fun and all but all it adds is pets. No new CAS items, just pets. No gameplay not related to pets. Other EPs had content not related to their main focus (Seasons had leftovers, AL had ceilings, FT had lots of new nursery items, etc.). Pets was... just pets. It's not required for your game because let's face it, not everyone has a pet. Almost everyone has a car, or goes on vacation, or has seasons (I mean not everyone but still lots of people in Europe and the US, where Sims 2 is mostly marketed to), or whatever. And the pets are kinda weird-looking, but they're fun. I like them. Another problem (though I won't take points for it since it's not "the expansion" necessarily) is that EA milked Pets for all it's worth. Console games, DS games, mobile games. We get it, pets sells well.

Rate: 6/10

7. Bon Voyage

Bon Voyage has great CAS items, and I love meeting locals in the different countries and having them visit. You can pass time by doing a new tour everyday. Vacations can be fun, but only in very light doses and on the shortest time. Otherwise it's boring. And I hate how you have to pay for your friend's tickets! My broke college student had to pay for her girlfriend's ticket -.- why can't they pay for themselves!?

Rate: 6/10

6. University

I love university. My sim is currently attending Acedemie Le Tour. It's fun. But it's so long and gets so boring after awhile. But I love the new careers and career rewards. Cow plant = life. Show business  = life. But there are some problems. First off, I always feel bad for the kitchen worker who comes at 4:00am and leaves around midnight. It's not a big dea but I feel bad for how overworked they are even though it's an uncontrollable mess of pixels and nothing more. To make it realistic they should alternate between workers. And the Greek Houses. I always wanted to get into one, but when I did    I had to control everyone in it when I moved into the Greek House, so I left. It's so dumb. But it's overall a good EP, it should have been shorter though, the Greek house members should have behaved like dormies, and the Dormies should age too so you could stay friends when they aged up without them being forever freshmen.

Rate: 6.5/10

5. Open for Business

Fun game. I love it. So much cool stuff. The only reason it's low on the list is because the other EPs just have more fun things to offer tbh.

Rate: 8/10

4. Nightlife

I really enjoy it. The dates are fun, the downtown is fun, I never use cars bc I just walk to the lot, but it's still cool that they're there and I use them as decoration lmao. Also the new clothes are fabulous. No complaints, really, except maybe you should be able to pick your table at a restaurant?

Rate: 8/10

3. Seasons

Love the seasons! They blend in with the base game so naturally, you don't have to go out of your way to experience the EP content (like in Uni you had to go to college to experience, OFB you had to buy a business, etc), it just meshed perfectly with the base game. Can't wait for Sims 4 Seasons!

Rate: 8.5/10

2. FreeTime

It's a shame that I now have a Mac and can't play FT or AL, my two favorites. I had them on PC tho so I could go dig out my old PC if I really wanted to play it but that's too much of a hassle. The hobbies were awesome, Desiderata Valley was awesome, the Andersons were awesome (if you know them YOU'RE AWESOME!!), everything about it was so awesome! As a dancer my favorite object was the dance barre.

Rate: 9/10

1. Apartment Life

I live in a house and I have my whole life, but the "apartment life" has always appealed to me. One day I'm definitely moving to an apartment. Double that with magic, and you have the best EP for Sims 2! Apartmens = life, social class = life, Kaylynn Spitzig = life, magic = life, the fact that if you had pets installed witches had cats which is so cool that two EPs blend together like that = life, Sims 2 Apartment Life = life.

Rate: 10/10

The Sims 3

11. Showtime

No shock here. Uninstalled immediately. Basically Late Night, but with a smaller portion of the content, and a slightly different coat of paint (aka like one shade different)

Rate: 1/10

10. Island Paradise

Another one I uninstalled, it just took up too much space on my computer. All the new features are only available in the new town, which could be a good or bad thing (good because you aren't bombarded with things you don't want while in a  different town like Supernatural did, and bad because you have to go out of your way to get the Island Paradise experience). It's not a bad game, it's just the features don't stand out. Wow houseboats, if you worked hard enough you could build those already. Resorts were a hassle. Mermaids I admit were cool. Moving on.

Rate: 3/10

9. World Adventures

It took away from The Sims appeal of having no set goals, just being a sandbox game. The vacations were lame and boring. I keep it only for the photography, so I can do the Isle of the Midnight Sun challenge, kung-fu, and the shower-in-a-bottle. I also liked foreign paparazzi following my celebrity sims, and building Late Night buildings (like clubs or bars) in the other worlds.

Rate: 5/10

8. Into the Future

I hated it at first, until LifeSimmer made it look fun :P. I gave it a second try, and it's cool to meet your descendants and stuff but the appeal wears off quickly. I do enjoy bots, though.

Rate: 5/10

7. University Life

The social groups bombarded you, party-after-party got boring, and... those are my only complaints. University was okay for when regular gameplay got boring and the smartphone was cool. But university described this pack perfectly... just okay.

Rate: 5/10

6. Supernatural

I love faeries, fantasy, and magic. I know you can disable the supernatural stuff but when it's not disabled it's so. freaking. annoying. it shows up everywhere and gets so annoying so fast. The gothic-based stuff was cool, and I love the elixers. The new skill I forgot the name of was cool. Faeries, my favorite fantasy creature, are finally in The Sims which is awesome! Werewolves were weird and creepy, genies I could never play as due to uninstalling Showtime, Vampires were in Late Night already so no big deal,  I hate playable ghosts though. They're everywhere in Sims 3 and 4. You can't even really die! The ghosts always try to come back it's so annoying.

Rate: 6/10

5. Ambitions

Twinbrook sucked tbh. But the stylist and interior design jobs were cool! Other than that, I really didn't care at all. I loved giving my townies makeovers though! And the ugly houses in Sunset Valley that reeeaaally needed makeovers could finally get them!

Rate: 6/5/10

4. Pets

Much more content than Sims 2 Pets! Yay! The country stuff was lovely and so was the new town. Horses were sweet new additions too, but imo they shouldn't be in Sims 4 Pets. I liked people selling pets from their homes too. But if you weren't in a pet mood, there's not much else to do sadly.

Rate: 6.5/10

3. Seasons

Seasons were supposed to be in Late Night but EA was cheap -.- it's a good pack though, and like TS2 Seasons you don't need to start a new game in a new town or go out of your way to experience it! The festivals were great for when I didn't know what to do, and for when I needed to find a new townie to date xD.

Rate: 8/10

2. Late Night

I played the crap out of this one. Loved everything about it! Bridgeport is my favorite town, vampires were sick, celebrities were cool (not as good as the TS1 celebs tho), the lounges and bars were amazing, and so was the pack. My only complaint? Make the apartments like TS2! Where I can actually see them!

Rate: 9/10

1. Generations

As a family player, this pack was long overdue. Let's just list out why it's amazing:

  • Imaginary friends were sick!
  • Sandboxes!
  • Teen parties like in the movies xD
  • FAMILY FUN!!!!!
  • Old people finally got new stuff and interactions!
  • Kids and toddlers finally got new stuff and interactions!
  • Boarding school was so cool and I always used it for my spares I didn't care about in my legacies xD

No complaints on this one!

Rate: 10/10

The Sims 4

Will make a list when more packs are out, if I remember or care.

Finally all this typing is done, my wrist hurts!

NOTE: This is just my opinon, you can peacefully voice yours in the comments if you'd like!