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  • Icemandeaf

    In the first few chapters of this project, the narrative was told my one individual who recounted what happened for the entire group per season, which was easy because there were less than 10 sims all together. As that number grew, the narrative changed to each family giving a report of what happened for each season. This has been easy to handle because each family was in the same household. Now the family are growing to the point that they are either creating their own families or just living in another household. So far I have managed it so that each family would give a report with sub-reports from various households within the same family.

    At present, there are 10 families with a total of 14 households. This number is only going keep gro…

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  • Icemandeaf

    Hello The Sims Wiki! Icemandeaf here with the 74rd issue of The Sim's Pen, The Sims Wiki's weekly fanon newspaper!

    Fanon in Need of Peer Review

    Hey you, Fanon Peer Review Team members! We've got writers who want their fanons reviewed at The Sims Wiki:Fanon Peer Review Team/Fanon for review. Sure, we've all got our own fanons to write and even lives to live. Let's take the time to give our fellow writers some reviews to help them improve their fanons. Better individual fanons means better fanons for the entire wiki!

    Volunteer to be a Sim's Pen Writer

    Like this weekly newsletter? Want to see a fanon featured? Think you could write an intriguing article? We could use some enthusiastic writers like you. You can even choice which date you would like t…

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  • Icemandeaf

    I have been trying to make it so that family trees are visible without scrolling through the tree like with Jim's Personal Family Tree and Lee's Personal Family Tree, but you will notice that I have had to get smaller and smaller to the point that it makes it hard to read the names.

    I realize that I could make it a whole lot easier by making them into images, but I don't want to have to update the images every time a Sim ages up which would lead to several trees to where it would be easy to miss. Because the latter example above would probably be the smallest I can go before the trees have to start scrolling (which will probably happen when the Sim has a spouse), I have decided to see what it would be like to just forget about trying to mak…

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  • Icemandeaf

    It has come to my attention that images of my Fanons are not showing up in category listings like this one. To figure out why, I did some searching and found this.

    It seems that because I use my Sims images for the relationship tab as well as the family trees that they are exceed the "10 times used" limit, and therefore excluded as being used for category listings. I do that so that I don't have to update multiple files whenever a Sim has a birthday.

    I have tried to change to using an age-specific image that isn't used so heavily here. I know that it takes time for the cache system to catch up with the change, but I would like to know if I am right in that this is what is needed to make it so that the images will actually show up in the list…

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  • Icemandeaf

    I have been really wondering about this for a while. With the template, there is a parameter for family funds, but not family wealth. Is there any reason why that info was never put into the FamilyInfobox? The reason I ask is because I would like to have that information for my Fanon families.

    Also, the has a parameter for lot type. Because there is nothing that says that it can only be Residential or Community, I have been using Business for the lots owned by my Fanon Sims. I would also like to have a parameter for business rank. Now, business value and lot value could be combined for the overall value, but there are times that I want to know the value of the lot and don't want to have to figure out the business value from the rank and t…

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