I have been trying to make it so that family trees are visible without scrolling through the tree like with Jim's Personal Family Tree and Lee's Personal Family Tree, but you will notice that I have had to get smaller and smaller to the point that it makes it hard to read the names.

I realize that I could make it a whole lot easier by making them into images, but I don't want to have to update the images every time a Sim ages up which would lead to several trees to where it would be easy to miss. Because the latter example above would probably be the smallest I can go before the trees have to start scrolling (which will probably happen when the Sim has a spouse), I have decided to see what it would be like to just forget about trying to make them smaller. I have done a couple attempts to see what it would be like to just allow the trees go as wide as it will with David's Personal Family Tree and Chad's Personal Family Tree.

So which path would be better? To do what I have been doing, but don't try to go any smaller than what I have done with Lee's Personal Family Tree, or to forget about trying to fit the trees and allow them to go as wide as they will like with Chad's Personal Family Tree? I don't really know which is better. The first option will allow an easier time seeing the full picture, but makes it hard to read the names at times. The second option will all for the names to be read easily, but makes it very hard to see the full picture of the relations in the tree as the tree gets larger and wider.

-- Icemandeaf