In the first few chapters of this project, the narrative was told my one individual who recounted what happened for the entire group per season, which was easy because there were less than 10 sims all together. As that number grew, the narrative changed to each family giving a report of what happened for each season. This has been easy to handle because each family was in the same household. Now the family are growing to the point that they are either creating their own families or just living in another household. So far I have managed it so that each family would give a report with sub-reports from various households within the same family.

At present, there are 10 families with a total of 14 households. This number is only going keep growing, and I am having a hard time keeping up and writing reports for each as it is. I will still update the individual and family pages, but I am not sure how to keep up with the narrative of the reports. I could just focus on a few families for the reports, but there aren't really any "main" families. I just don't think it would be fair to focus on one family and not another as this is supposed to be a community report.

Maybe I can have it so that each family reports once every few seasons (every other to start and then once a year as there are more). That way each family would be able to be equally represented within the reports while not being so much work (and such long chapters which also lead to longer gaps between full chapter completions).

Or does anyone else have any other suggestions? I have several things planned for this neighborhood in the coming generations, but it seems like the chapters are taking longer and longer to write which means that the "progression of time" is getting slower and slower making it feel like things are just dragging on rather than a story actually developing.