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The Genesis Project timetable for new chapters

I had originally wanted to write a chapter each week in my fanon The Genesis Project, so that people could know there is a continuous story coming in at a regular pace. I have been doing that up to now. So far each chapter has consisted of what happens in the neighborhood during the course of one season. Because I seem to be writing chapters faster than I am actually playing them, I am going to have to slow down how often I get a new chapter out and/or change what I include in a chapter.

I could either write a new chapter at least every other week, but that might be pushing it as the neighborhood gets larger meaning that the chapters will become too sparse. Or I could start doing individual household updates per quarter rather than an entire neighborhood update. I am weary of that as well because then there will be some households that interact with the other households before I play them, and then something could alter the storyline when I do play/write them. This is mainly because I am not "creating" the story, but rather letting it unfold as I play it.

This "paradox" has already happened to me in the past. When I played the Gardener Household, a pregnant Sean Carpenter woohooed with Mike with 5 days left in the season. Sean was supposed to have gotten pregnant on 4 days left in the season, so he shouldn't have been pregnant, much less visibly pregnant. I realize that this isn't a disaster, but what happens when I play one household where an important event occurs like a marriage or whatnot and then I play the household of the sim involved and they die before they technically could have been involved in the event? Am I just supposed to write a made up explanation in that household's chapter and hope that the reader doesn't notice the cover up?

I honestly don't know what would be best, but I don't want people to think that I have placed the fanon on hold, or worse, abandoned it all together. It frustrates me when I am reading a story and that happens. Besides I want to know what happens just as much as those who are reading my story because, like I said before, I don't have this story planned out as to what will happened. So any input and/or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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