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    Jessica Zoe Levio is a sweet natured, good hearted girl who was born and raised in Pleasantview, Simapore. She was born to her parents, Krista and Nigel Levio, on the 14th of May, 1991. She has a younger sister called Brooke Levio who was born on the 9th of January, 1992. Jessica enjoys singing, dancing and acting and studied Drama at college in 2009.


    NAME: Jessica Zoe Levio

    DATE OF BIRTH: 14/05/1991

    HOMETOWN: Pleasantview, Simapore

    FAMILY: PARENTS: Krista Rebecca Levio (nee Murano) and Nigel Christopher Levio

    SIBLINGS: Brooke Martina Levio

    GRANDPARENTS: Elizabeth Hannah Levio (nee Jensa) and John Michael Levio (paternal) and Mary Elena Murano (nee Christophers) and Thomas Luke Murano


    UNCLES: Cameron Paul Divotey

    AUNTS: Fiona Bethan…

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