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Ilvicarly January 9, 2014 User blog:Ilvicarly

8th January 2013

YAY!!!!!!!!!not,today i'm going to SIMS UNIVERSITY!!!!horrible,right?packing took like forever and the only limit is ONE SUITCASE!!!!and that it took like 7 HOURS TO TRAVEL FROM SUNSET VALLEY TO SIMS UNIVERSITY i wish i lived in Bridgeport,or Riverview,i'll still

write in you tommorow


Me,carrying my HEAVY bag

           9th January 2013i got accepted into a soroity ,i forgot-the-name of and it's really cool,it has a pool and guess what !!!!i got a free blue sports car and i got some friends who asked me to play a song for them,it was awesome lke a scene from HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL,everything was quiet  except from humming

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