Hello to anybody that opened that blog accidently or by purpose. I have a few words to say to all of you, thank you for being the greatest wiki I've ever read, and for opening this blog, and for being alive. I have a thing or two to say to all of you, even though this wiki is great, the members are active, friendly and great, but I've never felt that it's my place here. I didn't feel that I even contributed 0,1% on this wiki even thoough I currently have 1000+ edits, but I felt that how much I've contributed, nobody gives a single crumplebottom. I've became a rollback in the beginning of 2015, the featured editor in March 2015 (which was the worst month ever, except for that promotion), and I'm on my way to my 1500th edit. I wanted to be an active member in this wiki, I love this wiki deep from my heart, and have a lot of love and respect for every single member, including the big ones, like Patrick, K6, C.Syde and more, and even the new editors here. This wiki had a lot of problems, like sockpuppetery, and other stuff, which are even occuring know. I relly felt that I was avoided by users, probably from where I am, (Syria). Everybody thinks that the middle east is just some desert and camels and stupid people wearing white robes. It's not the real case or atleast in Syria. I live in Syria and I have proofs (and photos, videos). Here in Syria education is free, unlike all the countries in the world. The only education related things that parents have to pay for is buying books (From the 9th grade and up) and if they want to put their children in a private school/college/kindergarten. Syria has theatres, music halls, libraries, parks, swimming pools, tons of schools, and even an opera house in Damascus plus was home to many great musicians, philsophers, and authors. And in Syria women are NOT treated the way others think. Women are free to wear what they like. Hijab is optional even though everybody thinks that we force our women to hide every single inch. And I am BORN IN LATTAKIA. Made in SYRIA. But Syria is suffering from real problems here like ISIS (Who are NOT Islam by the way) and objefications from INSIDE SYRIA. Like Bab-El-Hara, and those flags witht the green color that was used in the days of the french revolouition. Now why am I speaking in politics? Everybody here is either from Europe, America, or Oceania while I think I'm a standalone. I'm gonna leave this wiki temporarily, or may come back temporarily. Good luck to all of you here and I hope that this wiki becomes great and awesome. Love you all. With Love. XX Imasexysimlover (talk) 12:04, July 15, 2015 (UTC)