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  • Imnotemogirl

    Wilson crept back into the Davis house, and monitored Cassidy and Peter's goings. He discovered that on the weekends, Cassidy and Peter left the house to hunt in the village. They left their three children in the care of Eva, their nanny.

    Wilson watched Eva during the day, and noted that she spent continuous time outside, in the sun.

    She was human.

    The next weekend, Wilson waited for Cassidy and Peter to leave. Once they were two miles down the road, Wilson moved towards the dim house. Wilson opened a window and moved into Rose's bedroom.

    Rose was sleeping in her crib, which she had almost outgrown. She woke when Wilson entered, but wasn't alarmed. She was familiar with him, and was only puzzled at the fact that he was inside her room at night…

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  • Imnotemogirl

    Cassidy Davis, a young maiden in the 17th century, was being courted by an older man who went by the name of Wilson Mitchel. He was rich, handsome, and kind. The perfect gentleman. After a brief courtship, they were married in a small church ceremony.

    The next night, Cassidy was knitting by the warm fireplace when she was attacked by an unknown and half-starved vampire.

    Waking up on her bed the next night, the young wife remembered her death and couldn't understand her resurection. Her husband saw the fangs, and left her.

    Newly devorced and almost out of money, the young vampire ran away to the far away town of New Roanoke, where she met Peter, a young and strong man. They fell in love and married.

    After Peter was turned into a vampire, Cassid…

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