Wilson crept back into the Davis house, and monitored Cassidy and Peter's goings. He discovered that on the weekends, Cassidy and Peter left the house to hunt in the village. They left their three children in the care of Eva, their nanny.

Wilson watched Eva during the day, and noted that she spent continuous time outside, in the sun.

She was human.

The next weekend, Wilson waited for Cassidy and Peter to leave. Once they were two miles down the road, Wilson moved towards the dim house. Wilson opened a window and moved into Rose's bedroom.

Rose was sleeping in her crib, which she had almost outgrown. She woke when Wilson entered, but wasn't alarmed. She was familiar with him, and was only puzzled at the fact that he was inside her room at night. Wilson took her out the window, and into the night.

Cassidy and Peter returned home, and found their daughter's crib empty.

Together, they wrecked the village in search of their missing child. By morning, the village people had realized that the couple's strength and speed wasn't human, and the fangs were something out of fable. The men of the village assembled a mob, and they ran to the Davis mansion.

Cassidy and Peter saw the mob coming, and fled with their two sons on horseback, taking what little possessions they could.

As the Davis mansion burned, Wilson watched, with a crying Rose at his feet.

Several years later, Rose matured into a beautiful girl, and Wilson got his wish. The night after he was turned into a vampire, he cut off Rose's long red hair, and killed the young beauty. He then returned to the remains of the Davis mansion, and tied her hair onto the gate. After he had done this, he decided to add one last touch.

He picked a nearby rose, and wove it's stem into the stoke of hair.

To celebrate, he set out to kill all of the villagers.