• Ivan-G-D

    I finally reached 200 members, yay ! :D

    Here's the tree, there should be 203 people in it (1 dead, so 202 alive ones) :

    Last time, there were ideas of adding the Social Workers, but I had to make a delay on that, because of the ideas I already had, which, surprisingly, gave 200 members without the Social Workers. :P

    So, what are the 2 big things this time ? Well, the title says it all. :)

    Self-Impregnation !

    Where ?

    Here it is :

    What did actually happen here ?

    Most of you would probably think that this guy (coloured red) adopted these two girls (coloured blue) (since there isn't an other parent, and this guy wasn't made in CAS, because he was there in the previous family trees without the girls). And, well, that's not true. :D

    This guy is both the mother an…

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  • Ivan-G-D

    Hey everybody ! ;)

    So, what's up ? This is the newest version of my Family Tree :

    It has over 170 members (you can count to find out what's the exact number if you want to), so I fulfilled my goal for this article. The next one will be at over 200 members. Also, the town :

    So, what makes this the "New Level" ? Well, especially this new part of the tree :

    I deleted some characters from this picture which aren't important for it's meaning. This part of the tree is just a mess, I mean, look at how complicated the relations are. I actually didn't plan for this to happen, I just wanted the green girl to marry the bald dude, and do 1 more marriage between this family and the "green" family, but things sort of got out of control... :P

    In my last artic…

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  • Ivan-G-D

    I've added about 20 more people to the Family Tree, so now I think there's a few more than 140 in total. :D

    There are editions in 4 parts of the tree, including the black Repo Man, a marriage between a guy and his half-siblings' cousin (who's not a relative to him), and also, two new couples (one with black twins and one with quads), including another family. :)

    I'm aiming for 200+ people, so I'll publish my next article at about 170 members, and the one after that at the golden 200, I can't wait for that. ;)

    Enjoy. :P

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  • Ivan-G-D

    This is my second blog article, and it's actually an upgraded version of my older article (User blog:Ivan-G-D/My Family Tree), with modifications in 3 parts of the tree :

    It's up to you to see where, if you can. :D

    Those who find the upgrades can put their realisations in the comments.

    Also, the main part is that the viking-looking dude has become a great-great-grandparent, as two of his great-grandchildren had twins (one's great-grandfather is the other's great-grandmother), so now he's a great-great-grandfather and a great-great-grandmother at the same time to these poor twins. :P

    Also, the "Extra" part is the screenshot of my neighbourhood (by the way, it's called Wukiville) where this large family is placed. Here it is :

    Enjoy. :)

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  • Ivan-G-D

    My Family Tree

    July 7, 2011 by Ivan-G-D

    Hey, I'm new here, and I've created this Family Tree myself. What do you think of it ? Please comment.

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