This is my second blog article, and it's actually an upgraded version of my older article (User blog:Ivan-G-D/My Family Tree), with modifications in 3 parts of the tree :

Ivan-G-D Image 2

It's up to you to see where, if you can. :D

Those who find the upgrades can put their realisations in the comments.

Also, the main part is that the viking-looking dude has become a great-great-grandparent, as two of his great-grandchildren had twins (one's great-grandfather is the other's great-grandmother), so now he's a great-great-grandfather and a great-great-grandmother at the same time to these poor twins. :P

Also, the "Extra" part is the screenshot of my neighbourhood (by the way, it's called Wukiville) where this large family is placed. Here it is :


Enjoy. :)