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The New Level : 170 People + More

Hey everybody ! ;)

So, what's up ? This is the newest version of my Family Tree :

Ivan-G-D Image 4

It has over 170 members (you can count to find out what's the exact number if you want to), so I fulfilled my goal for this article. The next one will be at over 200 members. Also, the town :

Wukiville 2

So, what makes this the "New Level" ? Well, especially this new part of the tree :

Special Part

I deleted some characters from this picture which aren't important for it's meaning. This part of the tree is just a mess, I mean, look at how complicated the relations are. I actually didn't plan for this to happen, I just wanted the green girl to marry the bald dude, and do 1 more marriage between this family and the "green" family, but things sort of got out of control... :P

In my last article, there was a comment written by Jazatz2 :

"OMG teh new CAS family isn't too crazy lol"

Now I think it can be counted as crazy, right ? :D

(one of its male members is even in a same-sex couple - a thing I've not done in a while)

So, besides making this family crazy, like the others, I also added the 2 last Repo Men, so now, all 3 Repo Men are in the tree, try to find them, and post about your realisations in the comments if you want to. :)

Enjoy. ;)

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