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Troubles with Russian translation

Ivaristal December 24, 2012 User blog:Ivaristal

I have been playing The Sims 2 from 2005. I live in Russia, I speak Russian over 20 years. And I speak English not as good as Russian, so forgive me my mistakes, please.

There are TWO versions of translation.

  • In fist version there were Оливия Спектер (Olive Specter), Лола Синглес (Lola Singles), Дина Кальенте (Dina Caliente), Мариса Бендетт (Marisa Bendett), etc. The translation was not adapted, but it was wonderful! I like foreign names, in game they looks naturally.
  • In second version there are Гертруда Некрономикон, Лола Незамужних, Дина Гонгадзе... Most of playable pre-created sims and all npc's were absurdly renamed. The translators tried to adapt, but the result is awfully ridiculous! A Negro looks foolish with typical ancient Russian or even Slavic name and surname — less than 3% of Russians are Negros (am I correct enough? Russian Negros aren't hurt when you say "black", so I'm sorry if I hurt someone's feelings with my words, I didn't want it). In Russia most of the Negros, mulatto have international names like Samuel, Michael, Jessica — but not Svyatoslav ("holy glory" in anciant Russian) or Belorada ("white and joy"; very strange name for the afroamerican girl, isn't it?)

When you first play with adapted translation (and if you want to play The Sims 2 with all expansion packs, you have no choice, yo can only play with foolish adopted translation), you always ask: "Why? Why the beautiful last name «Caliente» was remade in foolish and dissonant «Gongadze»? Why Olive had become Gertrude?" and so on.

I think that the pages like Olive Specter need both versions of translation. Because information in wikia should be based on the facts of real life.

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