4:58 Pm, Monday, July 12, 2010

Ok, let's get this started. I created 4 families with last names I looked up on the internet. It's where I usually get mine because it's easier than thinking of one. I chose Indian, Native American type names because, you know that's what their etnicity or race is. The names are: Memdi, Seneca, and of course Branko and Florica. The Memdi and Florica families I created are Pita Florica's great grandparents. Gimi Branko only has grandparents on his father's side. Along with their great grandparents I created their grandparents too. So I named the 8 families and moved them into separted houses. I used a downlaoded cheat called The Sim Blender (Custom Content) and used it to kill off the Memdi great g's and the Florica great g's. The Seneca and Branko family already had the soon-to-be parents of Gimi and Pita so I didn't play them yet. I had to create their other parents in the house where I merged the Memdi's and Florica. Now I'm going to give some type of clarification (if I can) in this situation when I get into raising Pita and Gimi's mother and father. Pita and Gimi are cousin's so I guessed an made it that their parent's where sister and brother.