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Jadd.H March 5, 2016 User blog:Jadd.H

Hi all :) Let me get straight to the point. I am NOT a sockpuppet. I am Imasexysimlover, but I had to create a newer account because: 1. After computer repair, EVERYTHING on my PC got removed. Including online data such as profiles and etc.. 2. When I was working on restoring the data for my online profiles and such (Luckily I remembered the passwords to most of them so I was capable of restoring them), the text document that included my passwords for BOTH the wikia and the email I logged in with back then. 3. When I still had access to the older email I changed my password to a generated one, which was more harder to remember, SO I wrote it on a text document (which got removed) and I didn't think of writing it out on a piece of paper for instance, because the PC showed no signs of corruption and it came rather unexpectedly. I don't want to create a huge misunderstanding here because I AM the true Imasexysimlover. And I talked with K6 about it once (here and here), and it was apparently allowed to create a new account in my case. However, I saved my password on a piece of paper this time AND saved it in my mind. Hopefully I wouldn't cause much of a mess all of those accidents created. Thanks for understanding and have a great day!

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