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My Second Blog from the old article (From Bustin' Out to DA!)

July 3rd Part 2

Okay, I have this urge to blog right now! I was impatient! But everybody is impatient, okay!

Anyways, I said before I will blog about Bustin' Out, and I will! So, create a sim, and I created an adult version of Holly Alto (my simself was in the Free Play section). I wanted her to be my main character for two reasons: to get the artist career, and to play Bella Goth!

By the way, I have to say THE GOTHS ARE EXTREMELY ANNOYING IN BUSTIN' OUT! They randomly scream at times, they are having no fun, and they freak out over what happens at nightime (it's more than ghosts)! Plus, at the end when I move out, even when I gave all my stuff to them, Mortimer said that I feel something is missing, don't blame it on the ghosts! Then, they took all my money, even when I gave all their stuff back. GLITCH! And I was so mad at Mortimer that I think he is trying to take Malcolm's job. Bella is alright, but it's Mortimer who has problems! Plus, their house is a mess, more messier than Dudley's trailer!

I am currectly living in the Science Lab house! I killed the female scientist, but the male...welll.... The male one almost died, but the Grim Reaper resurrected him! I wanted to live all alone in the lab, but no the Grim said no! Hopefully, he will die again!

Anyway, i heard that Destinations Adventures! I calling it DA for short! Here what might be possible plots for it:

  • A Bon Vovage-type ep!
  • No Rabbit Holes
  • Neighborhood-making tools!

I am hoping it's not about Bon Vovage. That EP is useless.

Any way,

Bye Bye!


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