I have a blogs my new blogs so you don't have to worry any more. I will do the first right now!

Hello, guys, it is my first blog, and I have a lot to talk about!

First of all, I want talk about the Altos. They have been of my favorite families in Sims 3. I have nominated them for our monthly article. I really want them to be in it. So, please vote! I know one person already voted for them (which didn't say his own use name. It could be an anonymous user, though!) Anyway, just vote for them if you want to.

Second of all, I have a sim for the Good vs. Evil contest in the official website. Here it is:! Hope you like it!

Third of all, I have this series going on called "The Diary of holly Alto". This are all the parts in the series: (The Diary of Holly Alto-Part 1- 1st Day), (The Diary of Holly Alto-Part 2- Studying), (The Diary of Holly Alto-Part 3-The Date), (The Diary of Holly Alto-Part 4- The Bath), (The Diary of Holly Alto- Part 5- **** Dies), (The Diary of Holly Alto-Part 6-Funerals), (The Diary of Holly Alto- Part 7- Finale)! DO NOT COMMENT ABOUT THE PLOT OF THIS, OR I WILL DELETE YOUR COMMENT!

Fourth of all, I have bustin' out for the ps2. There will be more info in my next blog!

See y'all!