I'm skipping two, and I moving on!

Okay, I am starting a challenge called klepto king challenge. In case you have been living under a rock, here it is: It is quite challengng but fun! However, I have one problem though! I have started a fire. Like all fires in Sims 3, the stove eventually burn down! Now, I don't know if I have to buy a new one, or wait 'til I have actually stolen a stove. I don't have a modthesims account, so please ask Mr. Alex in the forum! If you find out the answer, please post a comment under the comment section!

Also, in my first blog, I quoted:

"First of all, I want talk about the Altos. They have been of my favorite families in Sims 3. I have nominated them for our monthly article. I really want them to be in it. So, please vote! I know one person already voted for them (which didn't say his own use name. It could be an anonymous user, though!) Anyway, just vote for them if you want to."

Now, I find out who is the second vote. It's our very own MORTIMER GOTH! He haven't done much in this wiki. He just done 2 player stories, upload an image, and voted 5 times! Wow!

I like to thank Mortimer, even when he took all my money in Bustin' Out. Hopefully, Bella will join Mortimer, and vote for the Altos.