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Sims 2 Launcher Bypass that really works!

Jlhsam July 29, 2014 User blog:Jlhsam

Follow these steps, and you'll be playing sims 2 in no time! But first, make sure you have "The Sims 2 University Life" If you have seen, I have changed this 3 times now, but this really works! Not kidding!!

To start off go a head and click your "Start Menu"

Click "All Programs"

Click "EA Games"

Click on "The Sims 2 University Life" File

Right click on "The Sims 2 University Life"

Click on "Properties"

Click on "Open File Location"

Click on Sims2SC and your game should start right up.

I was more then happy when my game started! I hope this helped you as much as it helped me! Thank you for reading this and leave any comments you may have! #NoHaters

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