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Info on Town Life Stuff

hi, from looking at the Livesteam of Town life, there is more info on The Sims 3: Town Life Stuff:

  • Pre-built Venues & Lots
  • You will be able to use all the new items to create your own venues.
  • The Lots are 20×30 according to SimGuruJenn
  • SimGuruJenn has added that the school lot will be 30X40 – see here

  • There are 3 New Rabbit Holes which were selected via the Community Poll back in December. The 3 new Rabbit holes are:

-School – Par Excellence Preparatory School

- Bistro – Scrumptious Nibbles Café

-Grocery Store – Fresh and Frozen Express Grocer

  • There are 4 New Venue Lots which are open to Sims. The 4 new venues are:

- Park

- Library

- Gym – Mr. Crunches Fitness Center

- Laundromat

New Objects

  • Treehouses
  • Washer
  • Dryer
  • Sectional Seating which will allow for Study Cubicles etc.
  • Children’s & Adult Clothing See photos here: Clothing
  • Sandboxes
  • Playground Toys (Spring Rides, Slides, Playground Sets etc) – Spring Ride has new effect & music (bubbles)
  • New Chess Tables
  • Bookshelves
  • Paintings
  • Doors & Windows
  • Laptop
  • Lights
  • Statues
  • Fountains – Sims can sit on the fountains
  • Tables, Chairs & Loveseats
  • Trash Cans
  • Lighting
  • New Gym Equipment – Treadmill, Workout bench
  • Clutter & Misc Decor
  • Items can be used on commercial & residential lots.

New Build Objects

  • New Windows
  • Stencils that you can place on windows. They can be placed on windows in Community Lots or Residential Lots as well. Stencils themed for the Library, Gym & Laundromat.
  • 2 New types of doors
  • 2 New types of windows, including the New Circular Window – “Return to bubbles Window”
  • 4 New types of Lighting fixtures – Floor Lamp, Ceiling fixture, Table Lamp, Wall Lighting.
  • Lighting fixtures can also be tiled.

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