Just a Witch

aka Kim

  • I live in in my house, next to my neighbors
  • I was born on July 2
  • My occupation is being me, I get paid for it
  • I am Female
  • Just a Witch

    In my game, Holly and her best friend Bebe went to the local pool (that one next to the gallerly) and there they meet River McIrish and Lisa Bunch. All four of them became best friends the same afternoon. Thet decided to go to the beach cause there was a party. There they meet the boys: VJ Alvi, Ethan Bunch, Micael Bachelor and Parker Langerak. Lisa started talking to VJ and later they started kissing and started with going steady. River tried to be nice to the boys, but wasn't realy intrested in them. But then Parker started to flirt with her and River and Parker became completely in love. Bebe took a hamburger from the picnic basket and got a call from her mother. Her mom souded crazy because she was forgotten to watch the dinner and it …

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