In my game, Holly and her best friend Bebe went to the local pool (that one next to the gallerly) and there they meet River McIrish and Lisa Bunch. All four of them became best friends the same afternoon. Thet decided to go to the beach cause there was a party. There they meet the boys: VJ Alvi, Ethan Bunch, Micael Bachelor and Parker Langerak. Lisa started talking to VJ and later they started kissing and started with going steady. River tried to be nice to the boys, but wasn't realy intrested in them. But then Parker started to flirt with her and River and Parker became completely in love. Bebe took a hamburger from the picnic basket and got a call from her mother. Her mom souded crazy because she was forgotten to watch the dinner and it was not good to eat annymore and she and Bebe's dad eated from it and were throwing over it on the flour. Bebe was annoyed of this and stayed at the beach because defenitely not wanna go to home. Michael came to her and someone bringed a stereo to the beach and they started dacing, talknig, lauching, flirting and kissing. They were so in love it was the best thing ever happend to Bebe. Now were Holly and Etan left, Holly was complaining about her parents that they were so evil and mean to her. Ethan was really nice to here and a complete gentleman to her and they became to start to like her but Holly was upsett so when Ethan comforted her she started to kiss him. All of the compeles were wo happy and in love after this night. Everyone was so in love with there boy/girlfriend and tey became with the otheres really good friends. Now the next day Bebe gets excuses of her parents and they changed ther personality's to become serious, parent acting, funny, nice and good workers. Dori, Bebe mom started to work as a cook and Gus took a job in the politics. Bebe wasn't ashamed of her parents annymore because they were acting normal now and she hasn't look after them all the time and they also chaneged the house. Bebe introduced Michael to her parents and they really liked him and thought he was the perfect match for their daughter. At same time, River was painting at her house and Parker came to suprize her. River felt so happy when she saw him she almost started crying. River made a portret of Parker and hing it above her bed (i already said that she was completely in love). Parker took a lot of pictures with his cellphone cause he never felt this about a girl. At another place Lisa was reading a book about charisma (i have changed her traits to charismatic, friendly, flirty and bookworm). VJ (traits now are slob, artistic, charismatic and virtuoso) was brining a serenade to her. They were happy with ther new way of life, love and friends. Holly still felt not happy about her parents being so evil but she was really in love with Ethan. Her parents changed ther personality's as well for her so they became whorkaholic perfectionistict and great parents for her. They liked Ethan no really much cause they were no really used to be nice to other people but they thought he was a good guy for Holly.

10 years later. Holly and Ethan are married and Holly became Holly Alto-Bunch and they live in a big home with expencive stuff. Ethan works on the medicine career and is at level 7 of it. Holly is working in the law enforcerment as a Forensic Analyst. Together they have a son, Nicolas Bunch (named after Holly's dad Nick). They are really happy and have a fantastic live. Then Lisa who is married to VJ and Lisa Bunch became Lisa Alvi. VJ is in the music career as a rockstar and Lisa in the Journalism Career as a Editor-In-Chief. They have together a daughter, Melody. She is nammed like this because VJ works as a musican. They were happy and VJ liked living in luxerey with his wife and daughter. Also, River married Parker and she became River Langerak. River works as painting artist (career in the s3ambitions) at home. Parker is in the militairy career at level 6. They have one son, Daniël Langerak. They where happy and living in a not big not small house. There marriage was without problems so they want another child. Now is River pregnant and looking after Dan. And then : Bebe and Michaels life. They've got married and are still really in love. Bebe is now Bebe Bachelor Michael is an athlete and Bebe was a stay at home mom. Ofcourse they've got a cute little child, Matt Bachelor. Bebe try's to be the best mim ever and is the whole they with little Mattie bizzy. If she is not she trying to be the perfect wife for Michael. All of these friends and couple's are stille haning out with each other and going often to the park with the childeren. Then there is the pregnant River who gives birth to her daughter Iris (from her maiden name McIrish) when all the other kids are at the end of there toldder life state.

Now 5 years latter. Holly parents died and they left her their house and fortune. Holly, Ethan and Nicholas (Nick) moved into their new home. Holly was said because of the death of her parents but was pregnant again. She gave birth to a daughter : Victoria (after Holly late mom Vita). Holly and Ethan where still really in love and happy to have a cute sweet girl. Holly and Ethan had reached both of the top of their carriers and where extremly rich. Nick became a child and was happy to live in a big house with sweet parents and a little sister. Nick was a really smart student just like Ethan was. The couple didn't want to have more cilderen, they felt happy this way of life. And then River who was happy with her daughter who was at the end of her toldder life state, her son who really looked up at his dad and want to join the army as soon as possible. Parker had reached the top of his carrier and was a sweet and helpfull dad/husband. On one night his much younger sister Kaylynn was overcoming. She was crying and was completely out of her mind. River and Parker felt that they needed to do someting because she was also homeless, so Parker asked her to move in with her and she gladdly accepted that offer. The next morning Parker was going to work and Dan to school and River was making a painting of the cute Iris. Meanwhile, Kaylynn felt a little bit sick so she was going to the bathroom. She trowed up an discovert her pregnancy, but she wasn't sure who was the dad of her baby. Parker and River where arguing of it was a good thing to keep her at ther house. River, who was the daughter of a single mom knew how hard it would be for her. Parker wasn't sure what to do because ther was not enought space our money to have another baby in the house, but Kaylynn was still his little sister. They finnally agreed on the sulition : Kaylynn had to move out as soon she gave birth to her child, get a job and find the baby's father. Dan was meanwhile bizzy with discovering that there was someting wrong with his aunt, so he wanted to know what it was. Kaylynn never spoke about her pregnancy so when both River and Parker and Dan her with confront her with it she was really upsett. Kaylynn had found out that her baby's father, Stiles McGraw was dead she wasn't sure what to do annymore. On the same day, River recivied a call that her mother (who was traveling the world) was allready 4 years dead and that they wanted to know of she has got Fiona's legacy. River was confused because the wole thing with Kaylynn, her two kids, her husband and her job and now this. River drove really fast to her old home and there, Molly was still living in that house. River was angry at Molly and kicked her out of the house. Molly had to go to jail because of this. The next day, Kaylynn has made it up with Parker, Dan and River and was babbysitting on Iris. River and Parker agreed to let Kaylynn temporly live in Rivers old house, untill she found a place of her own. At the same time, Lisa was a star author and a pretty good mother/wife. VJ was a Rockstar and they lived in a even bigger house then before. Altough, Melody (child) got a lot of attention of her parents, her friends (Her cousin Nick, Matt and Dan) and the rest of the family she felt lonely. She wanted to have a younger sibling. Luckely for her, Lisa was expecting a second child. VJ was really happy of this and because during his rockstar career, it was in all the newspapers/magazines. Lisa liked the idea of pleasing herself and her family so much. VJ was even so happy, he wrote a song about it : Time to know. It was a number one hit so his family became even more richer. Lisa gave birth to her second daughter : Carol. Melody became intressted in writing, books not article's. She wrote a song : I live/I love. She wrote it and start to sing it. She thought it was fun to do. And then we have the Bachelors. Bebe had 2 years ago another child : Debboarh (Debbi). Michael was a hard working athlete, so they were really rich. Matt didn't like school much, so he became a D student. Bebe and Michael were angry and tried to help him but he refused their help. Bebe started to talk with the teacher of Matt's school, and they found out that he had Dyslexia. This discovering made Dan's teachers help him with reading and writing. His grades did get up to a -B