Yeah, so I won't be able to edit on those days. My mom found pleasure in sending me off to a leadership training camp so "I can know the ropes". Well, TBH, I've been to four of these camps already, and I was pretty sure this trip was just a "Please leave the house so we can use your room. Nice laptops in there!"

But no matter the reason, there's still that one problem - someone has to do The Sims Wiki:Battles and The Sims Wiki:Fanon Battles. Don't panic, it's just for this round.

For The Sims Wiki:Battles, I shall instruct you on what to do.

1. Archive the battle. Just edit the page, copy the whole page except for the section past ==Last Battle's winner==, and then paste it into The Sims Wiki:Battles/Battle 99. Then, add {{Archive}} to the top of the page. Inside the votes/comments section there will be a box with "Winner: Undecided". Change "Undecided" to "Antonio Monty", since it seems pretty evident he will win this round. Then go to The Sims Wiki:Battles/Archives, add *[[The Sims Wiki:Battles/Battle 99|Battle 99: General Buzz Grunt vs Antonio Monty]]: 3 - 6, Antonio won to the bottom of the list. You can change the "3 - 6" with the exact number of votes, in case it changes.

2. For the 100th battle, we are doing a three-way battle. Go here, select the entire text, copy it, and then paste it into The Sims Wiki:Battles. That's it! I've done everything else for you.

3. Now go to {{MP battles}} and copy the contents of this page into it.

If you need help, you can ask Random Ranaun, as he has done the battles before.

For The Sims Wiki:Fanon Battles, you can just leave it be as there are no pending nominations.