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So, um, April Fools?
Well if you fell for this joke then I am genuinely surprised...

But yeah, to address the stuff in the blog:
  • Yes, real life is getting in the way, and real life is more important than the wiki. There are lots of things I want to do with my life, and locking myself up in a room to edit The Sims Wiki isn't one of them.
  • I do dislike The Sims 4. Sorry if you like TS4, but it honestly pretty much killed my love for The Sims series. It's a social embarrassment to mention The Sims amongst my circle of friends, aside to criticize EA for it. I am entitled to my own opinion, and honestly if you disagree, I can see why.
  • The community has indeed dried up. Not hating on the new editors here, or the people who are in fact trying to develop our articles, but it just wasn't the same as before. Alas, the older generation does eventually move on, so the future of the wiki is essentially in your hands.
  • Pretty much nothing has changed on IRC. I'm still the IRC contact and I'm still the one responsible for making sure it's well kept and maintained.
  • Sysop and bureaucrat flags aren't going anywhere. Sorry if you got excited.
  • My fanons will continue to remain on the wiki indefinitely. Though I've mostly stopped writing them, by no means have I actually "abandoned" them and I may complete them someday. My non-fanfic writing will be going up on Wattpad instead, although, like I said, I may repost them here.
  • Nothing has changed elsewhere on Wikia.
  • And I'm not disappearing from the Internet.
The rest of this page is the initial April Fools joke and all the lovely responses I got for it. Enjoy!

I know you're busy today, so I'll get straight to the point: I'm retiring from this wiki. I will no longer be editing on a regular basis, but I may drop in from time to time, albeit sporadically and unpredictably.

What? Why?

I could go on and on about why I'm leaving. Real life has a lot to do with it. The stress and pressure from school is on, and I find the wiki to be too much of a distraction. This isn't a good thing; my studies are far more important than a game wiki.

Secondly is, well, The Sims series itself. Now, I don't hate The Sims, I'm just sick and tired of the garbage that Electronic Arts puts up for sale and slaps a The Sims 4 label on it. The money-cow milking is all too real, and EA's so into it, they're blind to their own product quality and to the players that have really played The Sims from the first game to the third game. The fourth game has disgusted many long-time Simmers, while attracting a huge crowd of, in my opinion, and excuse me for the language, but "idiotic, harebrained simpletons that are brainwashed teenagers, blind to their wallets being picked clean so a CEO can buy a third vacation home." I know I used to write about The Sims in the weekly news in a cheery, excited tone, but honestly, I'm lying under my breath. I can't stand the bullcrap anymore.

Thirdly, the community. The community has taken a significant downturn, with many old editors leaving and fewer and fewer new ones to take their place. And I don't mean fanon authors. I mean people that are actually serious about building a wiki, writing content instead of just their own stories, and to put effort in their writing so it reads nicely rather than being mumbo jumbo. I don't mean to hate on the new community, but with the two reasons I've mentioned above playing a role in the picture, having this is just too much for me.

There are lots more reasons, but I must stop somewhere.

What about your IRC contact position? And will you still be on IRC?

Relax, don't worry. #wikia-sims isn't going to be abandoned by me. I've made many friends on that channel, and it's honestly a pleasure to be its contact. So I'll still be on IRC, connected via an IRC bouncer so I appear to be online 24/7, even when I'm actually not. If you PM me, provided my bouncer doesn't die on me, I'll get it the next time I connect. Also, I've decided not to wear my op flag anymore, although I'll still be voiced (+), and I'll still be in the access list so I can op myself when needed.

Your sysop and bureaucrat flags?

Those aren't going away either. I know Lab surrendered those flags when he retired, but not me. Like I said at the beginning, I'm not "going away forever and never coming back". I'll still check in on this wiki from time to time to see how it's doing, and if I see any vandalism or spam, I want to be equipped to deal with it.

Your fanons?

They'll remain on the wiki indefinitely for all to be able to read and enjoy. Please do not nominate them for deletion. In addition, I've been transitioning away from fan-fiction writing, and my works are going up on Wattpad. They might get reposted on The Sims Wiki, like I did with As he lay dying... and Half-brother, but don't count on it.

Elsewhere on Wikia?

I'll still be active on The Last Stand Wiki, if only because I'm the only active administrator there, and because it isn't laden with money-milking garbage like EA. I'll also still play around on my test wiki (in fact, that's where I write my new stories before I move them to Wattpad).

What else?

I'm not going to disappear from the Internet. I'll still be around, and I won't go living under a rock at the bottom of the ocean. Unfortunately, this is where I'll pretty much call my Simming career an end. Thanks The Sims, for entertaining me for all these years, up until recently. I hope we can meet again someday.

And as for the wiki? Oh, you'll get along just fine without me. I'm sure of it.