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The Sim's Pen
Issue XLII

12 July 2015

Hello The Sims Wiki! K6ka here with another edition of The Sim's Pen, The Sims Wiki's weekly fanon newspaper!

Fanon news

Retiring the fanon battles

There is currently an open forum thread regarding the fanon battles and the discussion on whether it should be retired. Please participate in the discussion if possible, as we need your input! The thread is here.

Dan Plummer dies!

Yet another one of The Original 8 has died. Poor guy. He used to be the only one who was willing to climb into broken showers and get sprayed in the face trying to fix them. Now, he's dead. Only two of the original 8 remain alive (as of this writing): Tyler Harper and Chris Fisher.

A Sim's Tale gets an update!

Finally, after six months of impatient waiting, this awesome fanon series finally got an update! Congratulations, Rizkirafu! It's not easy coming back after a hiatus!

Fanons awaiting peer review!

Attention members of the Fanon Peer Review Team: There are currently some unanswered review requests at Category:Fanon awaiting peer review. If you have time, please review them!

The Dominate Game needs more players!

Dominate is a game of survival that revolves around the concept of, well, dominating all other players. The basic idea is that you play as a person living in a certain world, using money, alliances, crime and everything else you think of to ensure the survival of yourself or your family lineage! The current game is set in Sunset Valley. Join now, and dominate all others!

Have something you want to share? We're happy to add it here — just leave it in the comments!


Want your fanon to appear on this list? Please nominate it! We are always looking for excellent fan fictions to feature here!

Hot Story - Pleasant family by K6ka

(Shameless self-promotion) Do names match reality? Not so with the ironically named "Pleasant" family, where it's anything but pleasant within the walls of their house. Daniel Pleasant is cheating on his wife, Mary-Sue, and risks damaging the entire family. Mary-Sue seems indifferent to the situation and spends more time at work than she does thinking about her family, let alone living in the house. And Angela and Lilith... let's not even go there. Their sibling rivalry has gotten so bad the family would've been a lot more peaceful if they were just gone.

Weekly Celebrity - Grace Nanale by C.Syde65

Grace's first days in Veronaville certainly weren't graceful — he went into aspiration failure! But he later got a hang on Lexie Nanale the maid, and tied the knot with her. Just a day after the wedding, Grace died of old age, leaving behind a widow and his daughter.


Excited for The Sims 4: Spa Day?

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Thanks for reading! Be sure to follow The Sims Wiki via the links below, and have a great week! --I am k6ka Talk to me! See what I have done 04:50, July 12, 2015 (UTC)

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