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1 Mar 2015

Welcome back to another edition of The Sim's Pen, The Sims Wiki's weekly fanon newspaper! K6ka here bringing you all the new stuff.

Fanon news

Fanon Battle 29 commences!

This round, we have the Saint family vs. the Worth family. Both are prominent families spanning many generations of fruitful lives. The Saints are the Goths bitter rivals, while the Worth family are trying to make things worth their while and expand from the tiny farmhouse their founder started the family in. Who do you prefer? Vote now!


A Birthday Party by TheSims23

Who knew a birthday party would be such a life-changing event? Not with the thought of being older by one year, but with one's very own friends being murdered by someone you know. How will these adolescents cope with the gruesome murders of their own companions for the rest of their lives?

A Nightmare on Oak Grove Road by BobNewbie

Are you feeling sleepy? Coffee not working for you? Well, most people would simply go to bed or take a nap on the couch... but the residents of Sunset Valley simply can't. A murderous killer is on the loose, killing people in their dreams, and making the very thought of sleep terrifying. Follow the stories of a group of teenagers that try to find a way to stop the madness and bring peace (and a good night's sleep) to the town. Will they succeed? Or will they simply join the graves of those that failed?


Are you excited for The Sims 4: Get to Work?

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Thanks for reading! Be sure to stay tuned for next week, and follow The Sims Wiki via the links below! --I am k6ka Talk to me! See what I have done 13:07, March 1, 2015 (UTC)

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