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Week of February 14, 2016

Apologies for this coming out a bit later than it should, didn't realize nobody had signed up to do this week's edition at The Sims Wiki:News team. So, without further ado...

The Sims News
The Sims 4: Romantic Garden Stuff released

Just in time for Valentine's Day — treat your Sims with flowers and flora, and a new wishing well! If you don't have a Valentine in real life and you don't mind a virtual one of sorts... go ahead!

The Sims Wiki News
A note on recent page creations...

We've noticed that recently there have been a lot of attempts to create fanon in the article namespace. A namespace is a way of organizing things on The Sims Wiki, and we use namespaces to separate things like articles from everything else. Namespaces are indicated by a prefix, followed by a colon and then the page title (no spaces in between). For example, Game guide:Creating a family is in the "Game guide" namespace, because it has a "Game guide:" (note the colon, which makes a difference) in front of it. Any pages that do not have a prefix, or have one that isn't recognized internally by the wiki software, is considered to be in the "Main" namespace; this is where our articles live. For example, Pleasantview, Alexander Goth, and Circe Beaker are all in the main, article namespace.

The Sims Wiki uses namespaces to segregate fanon (fan-fiction) from canon (things that exist in-game and were created by official developers). Things like Fanon:PlumbBobs & Prejudice, Fanon:Revolution, and Fanon:As he lay dying... are all in the "fanon" namespace, because they're created by players of the game, not by the official developers. This is to allow readers to know very clearly what is canon and what isn't, so they do not get confused.

Recently, users have been creating fanon in the main namespace, which is a big no-no. To create your fanon page, either use the createbox at The Sims Wiki:Fanon Portal, or go to Special:CreatePage and add a Fanon: (including the colon!) in the page title, before anything else! (e.g. Fanon:Morty Goth). Fanon created in the main namespace will be moved.

Thanks for understanding.

Community discussions

It wouldn't be a weekly news blog without a list of current wiki discussions. As always, remember that these discussions, and other wiki discussions, are important and they need your input! Our discussions have been dead quiet the past few weeks, so please take a few moments to weigh in on these topics:

As always, if there is an issue you feel warrants further discussion, do not hesitate to start a new thread on the community discussions forum. Contact an administrator if you are unsure of whether or not something should be discussed, or unsure of how to start a discussion.

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Ding ding!

Well, we haven't had a three-way battle in a while (Which I'm glad, because three-way battles are tedious to set up and take down!), but alas, the 138th round of battles is just that.

This fortnight, we have three lethal emotional states from The Sims 4Enraged, Mortified, Hysterical.

Enraged Sims are as fiery and violent as an erupting volcano, but persistent anger does cause brain cell death (doesn't it?). While death from the excessive loss of brain cells due to anger is pretty much unheard of in real life, Sims don't seem to have that mental strength and capacity. Extreme anger can get Sims too worked up to a point where they simply give up the ghost. I know some players were pretty angry to hear that Sims could die from emotions... Watch out! You never know...

Mortified Sims crash and burn in their own apparent social failures. Nobody ever wet themselves at a party and said that they were totally fine after that! When social stress builds up to intolerable levels, a Sim's body will eventually call it quits. Just be grateful that doesn't happen in real life — if you really peed yourself in public, the worst that will happen is that everyone will laugh at you, and you won't be able to sit down without looking awkward.

Hysterical Sims are amongst the strangest bunch, and it's when they take fun things a bit too far. It's good to get into something, but if you go a little too far, whatever you're doing becomes your reality, and you lose the ability to, well, reason. If you get to a level like, say, Victor Frankenstein, you might just lose your mind... and without your mind, you can't live anymore, can you?

All three of these deaths seem absurd to long-time Sims players, but whether or not you're new to The Sims 4 or not, which of these three deaths do you prefer? It's people like you that run our battles and determine the winner — vote now!

Featured article voting
Copied from last week's entry.

We haven't had any new articles nominated for featured article status in quite a long time, and we don't have any articles waiting in the queue to be featured. If you know of an excellent article on the wiki, please nominate it for featured article status.

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Future of focus articles?
Copied from last week's entry.

Over the past few months, we have been announcing weekly focus articles. These are articles that are in need of some improvement, though each article typically has different strengths and weaknesses. I have chosen not to select a new focus article this week, however, because the feature appears not to be very popular. The latest focus articleJewelry—hasn't received one single edit, even though presumably several people read last week's news blog. The focus article is an honest attempt to bring attention to struggling pages on the wiki and to help editors build their skills, especially new or inexperienced editors. However, if the feature is not going to be used, then it will be discontinued. Please let us know in the comments below whether you'd like for us to continue with focus articles and, if so, how we should improve the feature to encourage participation and improve the feature. If you feel this should be discontinued, please let us know of any ideas you may have for replacing it.

Happy Valentine's Day! ...and happy Simming. —k6ka 🍁 (Talk · Contributions) 03:25, February 15, 2016 (UTC)

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