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Week of November 15, 2015

We would like to observe a brief moment of silence for those affected by the recent terrorist attacks on Paris. We also ask that, if you haven't shown your support on social media already, to express a message of condolence with the hashtag #PrayForParis. We also encourage you to "French Flag" your avatar to show your support; you can use this link to add a little French flare to your avatar.




...time to move on! Let's kick off this week's edition with...

The Sims News
Get smarter every day... with The Sims 4: Get Together

Get Together introduces two new skills for your Sims to master: DJ, and Dancing. This isn't anything new to the series, of course...

Both of these skills should be self-explanatory. DJ is useful for raising the roof via a DJ booth, while Dancing sets the dance floor on fire... and makes your Sim friends totally jealous of you.[1]

The Sims 3 Launcher Update

EA has released an update for The Sims 3's Launcher, which will include the new Expansion and Stuff Pack Manager.[2] This update is only for registered Origin users, and for Windows PC users, not Macs. See here for more installation details.

This update is not compatible with the current version of Create a World.[2]

Glitches on

Users are reporting unusual glitches with; a notable one is the website "redeeming" SimPoints due to it re-registering games. Most users, however, are reporting that they simply can't log in, or that the glitch isn't appearing for them.[3]


The Sims Wiki News
Community discussions

As always, we have community discussion threads that need your input!

The full list is here.

Okay... what happened to the caption contest!?

As you may notice, there is no caption contest attached to the end of this week's blog post. Due to a discussion, the "Caption This!" weekly caption contest has been spun-off into its own bi-weekly feature. The contest itself will no longer be held using comments on a blog post, and each entry/voting period will last two weeks instead of one, but otherwise the contest itself is the same as before. Be sure and check it out, submit a caption for the new image, and vote for a caption for last week's image. The current submission and voting period lasts until November 14, 2015.

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Focus article of the week

A Focus Article is an article that shows promise for high quality, but that is in significant need of improvement first. Each week, a new article will be the Focus Article. The following week, we'll recognize the different users that made improvements to the article.

This week's article is Playground. As far as articles go, this one is fairly young and all, but a dog could put on more meat than this article could put on content to hide its bony skeleton. A list of pre-made playgrounds from The Sims 3 would be desirable. Of course, you can't just slap content on top and ignore the stuff from previous games. Be sure to create a new layout as well!

Last week's article was Sixam. Special thanks to Sims2Player, Vpetmad, and Thatkitten for helping out!

Be sure to let us know of any articles you've seen on the wiki that look like a good pick for future Focus Articles! This is still an experimental feature, so don't hesitate to leave us feedback as well!

That's it for this week. Happy Simmin'! --I am k6ka Talk to me! See what I have done 13:08, November 15, 2015 (UTC)