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Week of January 17, 2016

Another Sunday means another news update! Without further ado, here's what's been happening lately...

The Sims News
Small update for The Sims 3

Origin users of The Sims 3 have a small update to fix a popup issue waiting for them. If automatic updates are disabled, click on the game in your library to update. After updating, your game version should be

"Origin Access" now available for (surprise!) Origin users!

EA has launched "Origin Access", a subscription service that offers you "Endless PC gaming" for just $4.99 a month. It's like "EA Access" for Xbox, except that this one's exclusive for PC.

You'll be able to play EA games before they're officially released, and 10% is slashed off the price tag on all your Origin purchases. In addition, it ships with "The Vault", a collection of 15 games to help you enjoy your new subscription service. The Sims 3 Starter Pack is included in this bounty.

You can also cancel at any time, so if you decide not to fork over that five bucks a month, the decision is entirely up to you.[1]

The Sims 4: Movie Hangout Stuff released!

Well that was fast! Clearly EA had been quietly working on this pack behind our backs for a while now.


The Sims Wiki News
Community discussions

Our community discussions forum is where the community gets together to discuss changes and proposals for the wiki. Without it, we cannot drive our wiki forward. Participate in a discussion today!

Here are some of the highlighted, cherrypicked discussions that need more input:

The full list is here.

TS4 boxing gloves icon

Ding ding!

Here's a battle that a lot of people probably have been waiting for.... Mortimer Goth versus Bella Goth; famous Sim versus famous Sim.

Mortimer Goth was raised in the old country before moving to the SimCity area when he was a boy. His parents, Gunther and Cornelia Goth, are incredibly wealthy, and Mortimer's all set to inherit that money when he grows up. He creates the Elixir of Life, but it backfires on him and ages him considerably. When his wife disappears, Dina Caliente is ready to ruin the family tree by using Mortimer as her personal piggy bank.

Bella Goth has a reputation of being beautiful and well-behaved, and is close friends with Mortimer. After they marry and have two kids, Bella pays Don Lothario a visit to welcome him to Pleasantview. Don attempts to get hot with Bella, which goes awry. Bella, apparently a bit salty, heads up to the roof of his condo to stargaze, where she mysteriously disappears. Some say aliens transported her to Strangetown. Some say she went to Littlehaven. Some say she never really left Pleasantview. Who knows? One thing's for sure — will she ever be reunited with her loving family before Dina and Don ruin the picture?

Which one of these two do you prefer? It's people like you that run our battles and determine the winner — vote now!

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Focus article of the week

A Focus Article is an article that shows promise for high quality, but that is in significant need of improvement first. Each week, a new article will be the Focus Article. The following week, we'll recognize the different users that made improvements to the article.

This week's focus article is Dresser, as suggested by some users. It could use a lot of expansion, as well as information about The Sims 4.

The last focus article was Game camera. Thanks to Vpetmad and TehN00bishGal for helping!

What do you think about The Sims 4 Movie Hangout Stuff?

The poll was created at 12:09 on January 17, 2016, and so far 26 people voted.

That's it for this week! —k6ka 🍁 (Talk · Contributions) 12:10, January 17, 2016 (UTC)