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Week of May 17, 2015

It looks like the person responsible for doing it this week didn't stick to their commitment, so I will do this overdue news post. Because... "Better late than never (but never late is better!)"

The Sims
The Sims 4: Luxury Party Stuff released!

Yes, The Sims 4: Luxury Party Stuff came out only yesterday, so it seems having a late news blog wasn't such a bad idea after all. Lavishly decorate your Sims, their homes, and their friends and families too, with expensive new clothing, new furniture, and a buffet table with a chocolate fountain... and yes, you heard that right. There is a chocolate fountain! Mmmmmm....[1][2]

Install yer eyepatches... er, patches

May 16 brought along with it patch 19. There aren't any official release notes but an official Tweet confirmed it was just a minor patch to fix a crashing issue. Always remember to uninstall all mods and custom content before installing the patch, and to run the game at least once without your mods and custom content after installing the patch.[3]


The Sims Wiki
Welcome back, LostInRiverview!

Last week, I mentioned that LiR was on a WikiBreak of unspecified length. Well, now he's back. Shortest vacation ever, right?

Anyways, welcome back! Shame you didn't get a tan while you were out...

Important discussions

As always, we have several matters that need your input! Please weigh in on these important threads:

Things looking awful? Here's why...
  • You may have noticed that the font size has increased and parts of the wiki appear broken and oversized. This isn't any crappy experimentation gone wrong on our end, but on Wikia's. See this page for what Wikia did. Reception to this change has generally been negative, but Wikia simply doesn't seem to care and are proceeding with the changes. The oversized fonts have brought nothing but anger as people comment on how it ruins the desktop skin of the site. Wikia's rationale was apparently "The mobile skin is broken and looks like crap, so we're making this change to the desktop skin," which doesn't make any sense at all, since mobile users use the mobile skin while desktop users use the desktop skin. And as many people commented: "The mobile skin looks like crap and to compensate, Wikia breaks the desktop skin, possibly to try to 'balance' things out." Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about this change without violating Wikia's Terms of Use, although if you have an account, you may be able to fix some of the brokeness on your own screen with personal CSS.
Now that The Sims 4: Luxury Party Stuff is out, what do you like about it?

The poll was created at 17:01 on May 20, 2015, and so far 8 people voted.

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