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Week of November 22, 2015

Another Sunday means another news post! Without further ado...

The Sims News
The Sims 4 now available for 64-bit Windows!

Ever since its release, The Sims 4 has been a 32-bit application. This isn't necessarily a bad thing; it means that all users of Windows, regardless of whether they use a 32-bit or 64-bit OS, can play the game. The problem? It means 64-bit users are held back and suffer with 32-bit users in the fact that 32-bit applications can't fully utilize the computer's hardware.

32-bit applications can only utilize about 4 GB of RAM on your computer. If it tries to use more than this, it'll crash. 64-bit applications don't have this limitation, but the problem is, they don't work on 32-bit Windows.

This December, 64-bit users can wipe tears from their eyes, as a 64-bit version of The Sims 4 is coming out! Origin will automatically pick and choose the right version for your computer.

Important: Windows Vista users, or those with less than 4 GB of RAM to begin with, should not use the 64-bit version of the game. Windows XP users can only use the 32-bit version; conversely, Mac users can only use the 64-bit version.[1]

Automatically disable mods whilst patching

Along with the 64-bit version of The Sims 4, EA has also announced a new feature that will make patching your game easier: "Disable Mods on Patching". After you launch your game following an update, you'll be informed that all your mods have been disabled. Load your game to make sure things are working correctly. If the coast is clear, go into Options and re-enable custom content, and then restart your game.[2]

New map mode?

An interesting "revamped" version of The Sims 4 Map Mode, similar to that of The Sims 3, is rumored to be in development and is possibly coming soon! Check out this Tweet from SimsDomination![3]


The Sims Wiki News
Community discussions

As always, we have community discussion threads that need your input!

The full list is here.

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Ding ding!

We've been somewhat sporadic with mentioning new Battles on The Sims Wiki Weekly News, but never fear, Battles are here!

Now, here's an important question to ask yourself: Do you like luxury, or do you just like luxury? If you like being laid back, kicking your feet up onto the dining table, cleaning your teeth with a fork, and ignoring the phone while your boss rages on the other end for you not showing up for work, then you'll like both of our candidates in the 132nd round of The Sims Wiki:Battles.

Romancers are the Sims that just can't stand monogamy, little nose pickers, diaper-soiling chumps, and cold-hard rejection. Their aspiration meters only dance with joy when they juggle as many loves as possible at a time, with hot, steamy nights being the icing on the cake. If the bed is warm, the clothes cold, and the lips sore with herpes, then it's all good.

Pleasure Sims have similar agendas, but they're more into personal desires and less on simply being promiscuous. For one thing, they're a bit more tolerant on tying the knot with other Sims, provided that they're also allowed to go out once in a while to flirt with meet someone new. They also enjoy dining out more than a private dinner at home, and they like to raise their hands in a club filled with sweaty bodies controlled by a Sim on the turntables. As long as they get to sleep in every day and never have to worry about clocking in for work, it's all good.

Which one of these two do you prefer? It's people like you that run our battles and determine the winner — vote now!

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Focus article of the week

A Focus Article is an article that shows promise for high quality, but that is in significant need of improvement first. Each week, a new article will be the Focus Article. The following week, we'll recognize the different users that made improvements to the article.

This week's article is The Sims 4: Luxury Party Stuff. Being the first stuff pack released for The Sims 4, it's been out for some time now. However, the article hasn't exactly been catching up, and it's been tagged as a stub for several months now — been tagged since its creation. This article could use some love; we need you to provide it!

Last week's article was Playground. Special thanks to Sims2Player for helping out!

Be sure to let us know of any articles you've seen on the wiki that look like a good pick for future Focus Articles! This is still an experimental feature, so don't hesitate to leave us feedback as well!

That's it for this week. Happy Simmin'! —k6ka 🍁 (Talk · Contributions) 03:16, November 22, 2015 (UTC)