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Week of October 4th, 2015

Holy smokes, I'm doing The Sims Wiki News again! When will this interesting streak be broken? It better be soon!

Anyways, another Sunday means another weekly news post. Without further ado...

The Sims News
The Sims 4: Spooky Stuff released!

Yet another stuff pack has come off the grill and served piping hot! Get your Sims ready for Halloween one month ahead of schedule with this new stuff pack. Be sure to read up on what's new before buying, and watch LGR's review of the stuff pack!

The Sims Wiki News
New changes to the way our Javascript works

Finally, Wikia has re-enabled editing of MediaWiki:Common.js and MediaWiki:Wikia.js for The Sims Wiki! From now on, all edits made to these pages must be approved by a Wikia-selected team of Javascript experts. To administrators: Please read Help:JavaScript review process carefully before proceeding.

Community discussions

As always, we have discussions going on in the community discussions forum that need your input!

Threads that have been quiet for a while:

Threads that could use your input!

The full list is here.

Caption this!

Before we begin, I would like to direct your attention to Forum:Caption contest feature spin-off‎, where an important discussion regarding the future of caption contests is taking place! You are encouraged to join in!

Caption winner!

The tenth "Caption This" poll has been closed, the results are in, and the winning caption has been added to the picture below!


Cassidy may think Joey is listening to her, but really he is wondering about how chocolate covered onions would taste.

This week's winner was submitted by HowDoYouLikeDemApples. Congratulations!

Last week's image

We've had several submissions for last week's caption contest. Please vote for your favorite in the poll below!

TS2OFB Gallery 38

Vote for me!

Poll is closed. It was created at 01:37 on October 4, 2015 (UTC), and had 28 voters. The results are, as follows:
  • Girl: That kid is not looking, let's kiss! Boy: What? This is a children's toy store! Gross! - 2 votes
  • And thus explained why Dustin Broke was so poor. - 3 votes
  • Girl: I saw you looking at that expensive dollhouse, do you want to buy it? Dustin: Alright, alright! But don't try to kiss me anymore, mate... - 2 votes
  • Alexander: I'll just pretend I'm not seeing that. Ooh! Fancy toys! - 5 votes
  • I came here for toys, not attention. I have a girlfriend! - 0 votes
  • That moment when sales associate is trying to make you buy expensive toys but you are poor. - 0 votes
  • Winner: "If I buy the toy oven, will you *please* stop touching me!?" - 13 votes
  • "Would you like a girlfriend with that toy" Guy: "No thanks, I'm already married" - 3 votes
  • No matter what anyone says, don't give in to peer pressure. Dollhouses will not make you 'cool'. - 0 votes
New image

Check out our new image, and then leave your caption in the comments section below, starting with "Caption: ". Captions on this image will be voted on next week. We are also accepting image suggestions. If you know of an image on The Sims Wiki that would be fun to add captions to, let us know and we may feature it in a future Caption This!

TS3P Render 3

Caption this!

That's it for this week! Catch you Simmin' later! --I am k6ka Talk to me! See what I have done 01:39, October 4, 2015 (UTC)

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