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10 May 2015

Hello The Sims Wiki! K6ka here with another edition of The Sim's Pen, The Sims Wiki's weekly fanon newspaper!

Fanon news

Fanon Battle 35
Tyler Harper vs Chris Fisher

A new fanon battle has arrived - Tyler Harper vs Chris Fisher! Both are members of the Original 8 from The Genesis Project but with different roles. Tyler is in charge of all of the financial aspects of the project as well as the record keeping, while Chris is in charge of the fishing. Chris is often seen trying to prove that Tyler is abusing the power of his role because there is no way he could be doing so well compared to everyone else without doing so. Is Tyler just really good in his role, or does Chris have a point? Vote for your favorite now!


Want your fanon to appear on this list? Please nominate it! We are always looking for excellent fan fictions to feature here!

Hot Story - Rise and Demise of Nellie Williams by Nachtide

Change is good sometimes, but it isn't always immediately evident that it is (and some change is bad, let's not forget about that!). Alexander Williams and his daughter, Nellie, suddenly move from their comfortable home in Bridgeport to Sunset Valley, which looks pretty nice... but Nellie is furious at having to start over without warning, blaming her father as the cause. What does Nellie hold in her heart? Is this just a teenaged mood swing and something she'll get over in a year or so, or is this a serious issue?

Weekly Celebrity - Dunstan VanPyre by Pidgeoraptor7

Dustan never had the life that a child deserved. He was largely ignored by his parents and struggled with school, ladies, and alcohol. He enrolled himself into military college and hopes to be sent out soon, in the hopes that it will improve his life and allow him to make up for the boat that he missed earlier in his life. Will he make it, or will the military just prove to be another disaster?


This isn't related to The Sims, but...

Coke or Pepsi?

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That's it for this week! Check out and follow The Sims Wiki via the links below for more Sims stuff! --I am k6ka Talk to me! See what I have done 23:45, May 10, 2015 (UTC)

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