I just came up with an idea for a fan fiction with a futuristic theme. The main character when the story begins is a 22 years old english woman, Vanessa Elizabeth Porter. The setting is in the year 2019 in the begining and continues on through out the years after that . In the begining it is told that Vanessa is from London and came to Kiev as an exchange student four years ago. She was in the second year at university. She was studying social sciences at Lodon School of Economics. She and some of her friends were interested in studying in Ukraine. So Vanessa and five friends went to Kiev as exchange students. Then Vanessa and her friend Phoebe Maria Tiller went to study at National University of Kiev-Mohyla Academy. Two of Vanessa's other friends, Althea Irene Swain and Diana Susan Hilton went to study at The Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. The remaining two of her friends, Gloria Jennifer Walcott and Melody Linnea Clark went to study at Kyiv International University. Upon arriving at The National University of Kiev-Mohyla Academy Vanessa and Phoebe were given a tour around the school, introduced to employees and students at the university and even shown to their room and introduced to the students they shared it with. Meanwhile upon arriving at The Taras Shevchenko National of Kyiv