I have come up an idea for a fan fiction wirh a historical theme. I have decied to call it The Chernobyl Files as it starts just a few weeks before the Chernobyl disaster in april 1986. The main character is a ukrainian woman, Klavdiya Maksymivna Kostenko (neé Bilyk) who was 9 years old at the time of the disaster. Klavdiya was born September 24th 1976. She was in the village of Dvirkivschyna, Yahotyn Raion, Kiev oblast, Ukraine (then known as the Ukrainian SSR, part of the Soviet Union). Her parents are Maksym Andriyovych Bilyk and Anna Leonydivna Bilyk (neé Honchar). Her siblings are her older sisters, Dariya Maksymivna Khymka (neé Bilyk) and Anastasiya Maksymivna Bilyk. Her sister, Dariya was born July 24th 1974 and was 11 years old at the time of the disaster. Her sister, Anastasiya was born May 24th 1972 and was 14 years old when the disaster happenend. Her maternal grandparents are Inna Mykolaivna Honchar (neé Mohyla) and Leonyd Demyanovych Honchar. Her paternal grandparents are Nadiya Petrivna Bilyk (neé Fedorenko) and Andriy Viktorovych Bilyk. Her maternal aunt is Valeriya Leonydivna Klima (neé Honchar). Her paternal aunt is Olena Viktorivna Lysenko (neé Bilyk). Her maternal uncle is Volodymyr Leonydovych Honchar. Her paternal uncle is Taras Viktorovych Bilyk. Her aunt Valeriya's husband is Sviatoslav Dymtrovych Klima .Her aunt Olena's husband is Ivan Vadymovych Lysenko. Her uncle Volodymyr's wife is Svitlana Mykytivna Honchar (neé Bubka). The wife of her uncle Taras is Olha Artemivna Bilyk (neé Lytvynenko). Her sister Dariya's husband is Borys Hennadiyovych Khymka. Her sister Anastasiya is married to Mykhailo Bohdanovych Bilyk (né Hryniv). Klavdiya herself is married to Tymofiy Pavlovych Kostenko. I need more for names of characters and places.