This is basically sort of, "fan-made" version of I want The Sims 5 to be. If you want to get involved, you can say things I should I add, and I'll add it as a expansion pack that will be told on here.

Basic Info

The Sims 4 is a 2017 life simulation video game developed by Maxis and The Sims Studio and published by Electronic Arts. It was announced on September 9th 2015, and will be released in early 2017 for Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, and Mac. Windows can be buyed in stores and Origin with $50 for the Limited Edition, $60 for the Deluxe Edition, $75 dollars for the Limited Mac edition, and $80 for the Deluxe edition.

Create A Sim

Create A Sim is very similar to The Sims 4's Create A Sim. There are 50 hair styles for each gender, and 7 life stages are available.

Here are the list of life stages:

  • The Baby Life Stage has no aspiration, and can only have 1 trait. The only traits available are Cheerful (Makes The Baby Happy For Longer Periods Of Time) and Heavy Sleeper, which makes the baby sleep more.
  • The Toddler Stage is very similar to The Baby Life Stage. It has no aspiration, however, it can have any traits you want, with a total of 2 traits.
  • The Child Stage is the first stage to have a aspiration, however, they come as, "Grown Up Traits". A child can have 3 traits.
  • The Teen Stage can have 4 traits, and is the first stage to have ACTUAL aspirations.
  • The Young Adult Stage can have 5 traits.
  • The Adult Stage can have 6 traits.
  • The Elder Stage can have 6 traits.

Here are the traits:

Absent Minded: -Does Actions Quicker, But Has A Chance For Canceling Out All Things They Were About To Do

Artistic: -Happy Around Art, And Becomes Happy After Doing Art

Bookworm: -Takes Longer To Read A Book, But Becomes Happy From Reading

Hates Art: -Becomes Angry Around Art, And Can Destroy Art

Computer Whiz: -Becomes Happy While Using The Computer

Genius: -More Likely To Become Focus, And Does Better On Tess Of Any Kind

Handy: -Fixes Things Faster

Natural Cook: -Can Cook Faster

Nurturing: -Becomes Happy Around Children, And Can Hug A Child With Passion.

Athletic: -Does Better At Sports

Brave: -Is More Willing To Do Scary Things

Clumsy: -Doesn't Mind Losing At Completive Things, And Becomes Playful Instead Of Sad When Losing

Loves The Cold: -Becomes Happy When It Snows

Loves The Heat: -Becomes Happy When A Heat Wave Hits

Loves To Swim: -Becomes Happy When Swimming

Neat: Becomes -Happy When It Is Clean, And Uncomfortable When Its Dirty

Hates Children: -Becomes Angry Around Children, And Becomes Playful When A Child Fails At Something

Outgoing: -Makes Friends Quicker

Loner: -Becomes Happy When Alone, And Uncomfortable When Talking To People

Funny: -Is More Likely To Make Other Sims Laugh

Boring: -Can Only Make Sims Close To Them Laugh, But Becomes Happy When Someone Laughs At Their Jokes

Snob: -Gets Along Really Well With Wealthy Sims, But Is Mean To Average Or Poor Sims

Adventurous: -Becomes Happy When Doing Lots Of Things

Animal Lover: -Is A Little Above Averagely Nice To Animals

Cat Person: -Is REALLY Above Averagely Nice To Cats

Dog Person: -Is REALLY Above Averagely Nice To Dogs

Good: -Can Do Good Things More Effectively

Evil: -Can Do Evil Things More Effectively

Family Oriented: -Becomes Happy When Around Family, And Can Brag About Them.

Hates The Outdoors: -Becomes Tense When Outside For Too Long

Loves The Outdoors: -Becomes Tense When Inside For Too Long

Cheerful: -Becomes Happy Alot.

Creative: -Becomes Happy When Doing Creative Things

Foodie: -Becomes Happy Around Food

Gloomy: -Becomes Sad A lot, And Can Sigh To Other Sims

Goofball: -Becomes Playful Alot

Childish: -Likes Doing Doing Things Made For Children, And Becomes Happy While Doing It

Bro: -Likes Hangings Out With Other Bros, And Enjoys Sports

Mean: -Becomes Happy When Insulting Other Sims

Geek: -Likes Movies And Video Games

Lazy: -Becomes Happy While Sleeping, And HATES Being Woken Up By Another Sim

Slob: -Loves Being Around A Mess.

Zodiac Hater: -Zodiac Relationships Won't Effect This Sim's Relationships.

Here is a list of the child aspirations:

Pro Athlete: Wants To Be An Athlete When They Grow Up.

Master Artist: Wants To Become A Master Painter

Next Big Singer: Wants To Be The Next Big Hit In The Singing Community

Stage Performer: Wants To Be A Pro Dancer

Amazing Author: Wants To Be A Famous Author

Smartest Sim Around: Wants To Be A Genius Who Could Outsmart Anybody

Multitasker: Wants To Do Multiple Things At Once

Computer Genius: Wants To Be A Master With Computers

Green Thumb: Wants To Be One With Nature

The Popular Kid: Wants To Be Popular

The Regular Aspirations Are The Same As The Sims 4, same for the building..


Mt. Fraymarsh

A Small Town Up In The Mountains That Is Surrounded By Nature. It Is Based Off Of Mt. Shasta And Isherwood.

Households In Mt. Fragmarsh

Frank Household

Edison Frank: Hates The Outdoors, Loves The Cold, Creative, Genius, Neat. Aspiration= Joke Star, Zodiac: Aries Annabella Frank: Evil, Bro, Absent Minded, Clumsy, Slob. Aspiration= Curator, Zodiac= Pisces Karla Frank: Artistic, Lazy, Cat Person, Loves The Outdoors, Snob. Aspiration= Big Happy Family, Zodiac= Pisces Aldo Frank: Cheerful, Cat Person, Absent Minded. Aspiration. Aspiration= Multitasker, Zodiac= Aquarius.