When I learned that Aliens couldn't just be produced out of CAS, that excited me. That made the prospect of acquiring an alien family an actual challenge - one that I gladly accepted. So I created a normal Sim and waited... not too long though, because I got lucky. An alien visitor arrived on my doorstep only a few days in! After befriending her and inviting her to move in, I kicked the human out - her purpose served. The problem with getting a visitor to move in is that they're adults and have their traits pre-selected. My new alien, Yumay Thobanob, was a Light Sleeper, which is irrelevant since aliens don't have energy and don't sleep at all. It may have been a waste of lifetime happiness, but I gave her a midlife crisis to acquire some more social traits. After playing as her for quite a long while (she had aged to an elder by this time), I got another alien visitor. Lucky me, it was a male of the species! I managed to get a Fountain of Youth Elixir for Yumay and am looking forward to raising a whole mess of second-generation pureblood alien immigrants.